Bachelorette Recap: Kaitlyn Tells Shawn B She Slept with Nick Viall

Bachelorette Recap: Kaitlyn Tells Shawn B She Slept with Nick Viall

For the first time in quite a while, this week’s episode of The Bachelorette didn’t begin with the continuation of a cliffhanger. Any respite from TV-viewing stress, however, will be quickly offset if you recall how Week 7 ended, however -- with Chris “Cupcake” sobbing on an Irish cliffside. Poor Chris. At the beginning of the episode, there were only five guys left, which means Kaitlyn Bristowe had some tough decisions ahead of her. Two more contestants were sent home this week, so let’s recap how it all went down.

Is Ben H a Virgin?

Kaitlyn started on a romantic note, with a one-on-one with Ben H. That’s his second one-on-one of the season if you’re keeping score. Ben revealed that his last breakup left him afraid he was unloveable -- which makes sense, because, yeah, an impossibly sweet guy who looks like that is fairly undesirable to women. Kaitlyn assuaged his fears by telling him he’s definitely marriage material. But she was also afraid that his kindness also reflected a purity she wasn’t ready for, as she begins to suspect that Ben H is a virgin. Kaitlyn decided to dive right in and ask:

She seemed relieved.

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Things got tougher as they went forward, however, because next up was a group date with only three participants -- Joe, Nick and Shawn. With the latter two guys pretty much hating each other’s guts, this date was sure to be quite interesting.

Somewhat surprisingly, the first drama came from Joe. When Joe told Kaitlyn that he loved her, she realized that she wasn’t on the same page, and decided to send Joe home. The Southern Gentleman suddenly grew distant and cold, and though his robotic behavior was understandable considering he was in the process of getting dumped on national television, it also made the situation pret-ty awkward: 

The Moment You've Been Waiting For Pretty Much All Season

Speaking of awkward, Kaitlyn also decided that she had to tell Shawn that she slept with Nick Viall, presumably to remove the possibility of Shawn hearing that from someone else first. This is essentially the moment she has been fearing ever since she woke up that morning after it happened. Here’s how it went down:

Credit where credit’s due: Shawn handled it pretty well. After he came back from taking his breather, he became a shrug emoticon personified and basically said, Hey, I don’t love that, but I’m not going anywhere because I want you. There’s probably no way that could have gone any better for Kaitlyn.

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The Shawn Saga Continues

But soon enough it was Rose Ceremony time, meaning the remaining four bachelors would soon become three, each of whom would be guaranteed an Overnight Date with Kaitlyn. At least the Shawn thing was over with, right? Whew! But then if that's true, then why is he interrupting the Rose Ceremony as Kaitlyn is offering him a rose? Here's their side conversation after the disruption:

Okay, maybe NOW it's over for realsies? Maybe?

When they returned to the ceremony, only one unlucky fellow would end up roseless, and this week it was Jared. But he was a class act right to the end, offering Kaitlyn his jacket even as they go outside so she can send him packing. Chivalry’s not dead, folks -- it lives in Warwick, RI. His kindness in that incredibly tough moment hit Kaitlyn hard:

Spoiler Alert: Nick and Shawn Hate Each Other

So Kaitlyn moved on to Cork, Ireland, with the remaining trio of men. Did we mention that Nick and Shawn kinda hate each other in the face? Well, they do, and it all came to a head in Cork. After Nick’s Overnight Date, in which he told Kaitlyn that he had no respect for Shawn (and also introduced us to the term "Eskimo brothers"), Shawn showed up at Nick’s apartment to basically tell him the feeling was mutual:

And that’s where we left off this week. We don’t know if this is going to end in a fistfight, but it’s about as tense as we’ve seen any two guys this season. Tune in next week and find out!

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