Bachelorette Recap: Ben H Eliminated, Kaitlyn Meets the Families

Bachelorette Recap: Ben H Eliminated, Kaitlyn Meets the Families

Kaitlyn Bristowe is down to three guys on The Bachelorette. The Overnight Dates began last week, so Kaitlyn is getting closer to finding true love -- and also dealing with harder breakups. This week was no different. But first, we have to jump back into the cliffhanger of last episode: Nick Viall and Shawn B going toe-to-toe in an argument in Nick’s room.

Nick Vs. Shawn - The Argument, Continued

Nick and Shawn hate each other. They’ve said it, Kaitlyn’s said it, and everybody’s seen it. Shawn felt like he had told everybody what he hated about Nick, but he didn’t like the idea of talking about all of that behind Nick’s back anymore, so Shawn went to Nick’s apartment to tell him everything that he hated about Nick right to his face: 

While it wasn’t exactly a conversation, Shawn felt better after that, though Nick did not. More on that later.

Shawn Gets Naked

That's not just a misleading header to get your attention, people. This is not a drill. There is a black box locked and loaded for Shawn's nude body. After his confrontation with Nick, Shawn headed off on his Overnight Date with Kaitlyn, which began with a round of golf. Shawn spent a lot of time in water hazards, and Kaitlyn won, so she got to play Truth or Dare with Shawn. He chose Dare. She dared him to strip down and take a putt naked. He did:

You’re welcome.

Nick Vs. Shawn: Round 1,374,829

When Kaitlyn mentioned that “The Other Guy” -- which is how Shawn refers to Nick, as he refuses to ever use his name -- brought up the "Eskimo brothers" thing, Shawn got angry all over again. Perhaps flying high on the catharsis of unloading on Nick directly to his face, Shawn unloaded on Nick to Kaitlyn this time, telling her everything he doesn’t like about The Other Guy: 

The morning after Shawn’s date, Nick intercepted Shawn on his way back to his room. Nick felt like he didn’t get a chance to have a discussion with Shawn earlier, that it was just Shawn talking at him, so he wanted a chance to have a dialog. Shawn wasn’t into the idea, but acquiesced anyway. Unfortunately for Nick, though, this conversation went pretty much the same way, only this time, Nick felt like Shawn had threatened him. Either way, it's unlikely he was satisfied.

The Rose Ceremony

With all three Overnights completed, Kaitlyn was left to the nasty business of sending one of these guys home -- all three of whom she could see herself marrying. In the end, Ben H was the one without a rose:

Did Kaitlyn make the right call? Only time will tell. Ben’s departure leaves the two rivals, Nick and Shawn. More immediately, Ben's departure left the two rivals in the same room together by themselves for what is definitely one of the most epic awkward silences in the history of television:


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Meeting the Families

The Hometown Dates were handled a little differently this year -- as in, they didn't realy happen. This time around, the entire gang flew to Utah where Nick and Shawn’s families would be joining the party so Kaitlyn could meet them. The summary of those visits is that Kaitlyn made great impressions with both families, and both families seemed cautiously optimistic that their respective boy would be the one to make Kaitlyn happy until death do they part. But Kaitlyn herself still seems quite torn on which one she thinks would be the perfect mate:

Stay tuned next week for the Men Tell All special, where some of the eliminated guys will face Kaitlyn for the first time since leaving the show, and some of the show’s more controversial men will face each other for the first time since they were all up in each other’s faces. Get ready for some more drama!

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