The Bachelorette 2016 Spoilers: Chad Threatens Evan

The Bachelorette 2016 Spoilers: Chad Threatens Evan

Things got heated (in more ways than one!) this week on The Bachelorette. Miss Episode 3? Keep reading The Bachelorette 2016 recap, because we've got you covered. Chase and JoJo went on a surprisingly intimate date at a yoga studio, a sex(y) group date turned awkward, hilarious, then violent, and JoJo had a swingin' good time with James T. But the real drama happened when Chad was called out for his bullying behavior. Chris Harrison took matters into his own hands! Will this be the end of the road for Chad? Find out tomorrow night as the 2-night Bachelorette event continues! For now, check out these Bachelorette spoilers from Episode 3.

Angergasmic Yoga

JoJo and Chase take their relationship to the next level on a super physical one-on-one date. The two get wrapped up in each other in a sweaty yoga lesson. JoJo and Chase capture the heat of the moment with a steamy kiss.

The Bachelors Talk About S-E-X

On a group date, the bachelors are invited to the stage to reveal their crazy sex stories. The men certainly do not hold back when it comes to sharing all the intimate details leading to lots of laughter from JoJo.

Chad Threatens Evan

After his kiss is rejected by JoJo and Evan calls him out onstage, Chad takes his frustrations out on Evan. He threatens Evan's life and scares the other bachelors with his erratic behavior. Chad is on the loose and there's no telling who he will take his anger out on next.

JoJo Takes James T. Out of the Friend Zone

On a romantic one-on-one, James Taylor opens up to JoJo about struggling with confidence issues in relationships. JoJo tells James he is the total package and she appreciates his zest for life. JoJo gives him a rose just before James Taylor brings The Bachelorette to tears yet again with an original song.

Chris Harrison Talks to Chad

Chris Harrison offers Chad some advice after Evan gives him the scoop on the fights in the house. Even though Chad insists he hasn't started any of the altercations, Chris advises him to come up with something to say to ease his fellow bachelors' minds. 

Preview Next Week on The Bachelorette

Watch the full episode of The Bachelorette Week 3, Pt. 1 here. What happens on Part 2 of the special  2-night Bachelorette event? Gets a sneak peek at what's to come by watching the video above. Don't miss an all-new episode of The Bachelorette TOMORROW  8|7c on ABC. Do you think Chad should stay? Sound off in the comments section below!


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