The Bachelorette 2019 Recap, Week 3: Hannah Tells Luke P. to Back Off

The Bachelorette 2019 Recap, Week 3: Hannah Tells Luke P. to Back Off

Last week Luke P. told Bachelorette Hannah Brown he was falling in love with her, so things are moving pretty quickly here on Season 15 of The Bachelorette. Too fast, perhaps? This week we find out what happens after you fall in love in Week 2. We assume it's marriage, and then comes baby in a baby carriage, but let's take a spin through the ol' episode to see if classic love jams from our childhood are to be believed, shall we? By the way, you can stream The Bachelorette 2019 Week 3 here on or in the ABC app or read on for this week's highlights! 

Hurts So Good

Turns out the Kissing Song was kinda right, because the first group date is all about babies. To educate these dudes on the ins and outs of pregnancy and childbirth, husband and wife actors Jason Biggs and Jenny Mollen tested the guys' knowledge in this arena. Sure, these guys know HOW babies are made, but do they know anything about what comes after that?

The short answer is No, no they don't. For example, when asked how long the gestation period is for babies—approximately 9 months—Cam offers 2 weeks as an answer.

Soon, the guys are invited to experience the feeling of childbirth through the magic of a labor pains simulator:

At the cocktail party after the date, Mike pulls Hannah aside for some one-on-one talk, where he divulges the fact that this date brought up some tough times in his past—he and his ex-girlfriend lost a baby. As Mike tells his heart-wrenching story, Cam tries to interrupt to steal Hannah. Both Hannah and Mike shoo him off, but Cam keeps coming back to interrupt, over and over again, further straining his relationship with the guys—as well as Hannah.

Jonathan hears about this—on the heels of Cam interrupting the group date last week—and interrupts Cam, giving him a taste of his own medicine. Cam is irritated, saying "I had to resign from a job I worked very hard to get. To me that's the boldest gesture you can do." Despite Cam's persistence, Mike ends up with the group date rose as a result of his vulnerability. 

Do you agree with Cam?

The TLC Date

Suddenly, we're in the hospital—and there's Hannah. She supposed to be on a 1-on-1 with Connor today, but instead, she invites him over to hang out while she's on bed rest. It's a brief glimpse at what a normal day might look like for Hannah and her man in the future, and both seem pretty happy with the day. Connor's worried that he didn't get a rose, but that because Hannah rallies and takes him out for dinner—where she gives him a rose. They also get treated to a musical performance by Lukas Graham:

Unfortunately for Hannah, her 1-on-1 partner from last week, Tyler G., had to leave the show unexpectedly. But this 1-on-1 date, odd as it may have been, was a success.

The Photo Shoot

The next group date features a lot of temptation for the guys—it's a photo shoot with a bunch of models. It's not QUITE what you might be expecting, however, because the models are all of varying species, from puppies to alpacas to snakes. But there's another twist that does add temptation: Demi Burnett is back to keep on eye on Hannah's guys with secret cameras, because the crew they've hired for the shoot happens to be cute actresses who are going to hit on the guys to see if anyone takes the bait.

Good news for Hannah—no one goes for it, despite some very bold moves by the ladies. But it's not all happy times for Hannah on this date. As her relationship with Luke P. progresses, Luke is getting more confident, and Hannah thinks it's starting to cross the line into arrogance, so she pulls him aside to tell him to back off:

Worse yet, Luke doesn't seem to get the message, interrupting Hannah's time with other guys at the after-date party over and over again, with Hannah telling him he needs to relax. Luke starts to get aggressive with the other guys, and starts to implode, telling the other guys he might just go home on his own. 

As you can imagine, Luke is not thrilled when Peter gets the group date rose. 

The Cocktail Party Is Canceled

Everyone's worst nightmare begins when Chris Harrison drops the dreaded "There will be no cocktail party this week" line. But of course, Chris is just playing semantics, as there will instead be a tailgate/pool party all day long!

Cam acts fast, telling the guys he needs to tell Hannah something super important, so he requests that they be sure to give him time to discuss this with her, and also, please don't interrupt. After his shenanigans the past couple weeks, the guys basically just laugh in his face.

Cam gets the time to tell Hannah his important story, but whatever sympathy Hannah has for him vanishes shortly after Mike tells Hannah that Cam said he was gonna drop a sob story on her today to up his chances at a "pity rose." Hannah feels like she's being manipulated and immediately grabs Cam to set the record straight:

Once again, Hannah makes it clear to the guys that she ain't messing around. And she wasn't kidding either, because when the dust settles on the Rose Ceremony, Cam is left without a rose, joining Joey and Jonathan as the guys going home. He's crushed. 

And it looks like he won't be the last, based on this sneak preview of Week 4 (and beyond!):

Who ends up in the hospital next week? Don't miss The Bachelorette MONDAYS 8|7c on ABC!

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