Who Did Kaitlyn Bristowe Sleep With on The Bachelorette?

Who Did Kaitlyn Bristowe Sleep With on The Bachelorette?

The Bachelorette is no stranger to controversy and huge moments of drama, but last night's episode with Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe was up there with the all-time wildest moments. After Kaitlyn's one-on-one date with Nick Viall in Dublin, Ireland, Kaitlyn gave Nick a rose, but then he got another prize: an invite to her hotel room. Nick spent the night with Kaitlyn long before the Fantasy Suite dates. In the premiere, Chris Harrison told us this was one of the craziest seasons yet, and it seems he was right.

Kaitlyn and Nick have had chemistry and definitely seem to be into each other -- something that was apparent even upon their first meeting when Nick showed up in New York City unannounced:

Since then he's definitely made it clear he's there to win her over at all costs. He's not concerned with making friends in the group of guys, although it seems that they've accepted him after their frosty welcome to his initial arrival. He got some flak last season from Andi Dorfman for being a little "salty" on the group dates, but this season he's been all-in and willing to make a fool of himself if it's prove to Kaitlyn that he wants to be with her. His Mariachi performance cleared that up for sure:

So by the time the gang arrived in Dublin, Kaitlyn was ready to explore their connection further, and she gave Nick the one-on-one date. They spent the day wandering the streets of Dublin, sightseeing and hanging out on a rather casual date. As dinner concluded, it became clear that these two were having a hard time keeping their hands off each other. When Kaitlyn invited Nick to her hotel room, he was eager to say yes. And when she invited him into the bedroom, his enthusiasm did not wane:

If it wasn't clear what had happened the night before, Kaitlyn's morning chat cleared up most of the uncertainty:

Kaitlyn didn't regret it, and why should she? She's and adult and she's got a grea connection with Nick. But she did feel some guilt because she's currently dating eight other guys. The question is, What will this mean for the rest of the season? Kaitlyn is worried about this information getting to the other guys because she doesn't want this to negatively affect her relationships with the other guys. But is that realistic? And can she and Nick keep the secret? We'll find out as the last few weeks unfold.

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