season 2

The Conners grapple with parenthood, dating, financial pressures, aging and in-laws in working-class America.

S2 E1 - Preemies, Weed and Infidelity
Darlene is tangled in a love triangle.
09.25.2019 | 21m
S2 E2 - A Kiss is Just a Kiss
Becky begins to doubt herself as a mom.
10.02.2019 | 21m
S2 E3 - The Preemie Monologues
Harris is forced to confront Darlene.
10.09.2019 | 21m
S2 E4 - Lanford...Lanford
Harris' new friend means new trouble.
10.16.2019 | 21m
S2 E5 - Nightmare on Lunch Box Street
Jackie tries to reopen the Lunch Box.
10.30.2019 | 21m
S2 E6 - Tempest in a Stew Pot
Jackie and Becky pitch a business plan.
11.13.2019 | 21m
S2 E7 - Slappy Holidays
Dan gathers the family for Thanksgiving.
11.20.2019 | 21m
S2 E8 - Lanford, Toilet of Sin
Jackie faces a difficult decision.
11.27.2019 | 21m
S2 E9 - Smoking Penguins and Santa on Santa Action
Darlene faces another issue.
12.11.2019 | 21m
S2 E10 - Throwing a Christian to a Bear
The Conners meet Becky's new boyfriend.
01.22.2020 | 21m
S2 E11 - Mud Turtles, A Good Steak and One Man in a Tub
Becky is suspicious of Jackie's friend.
01.29.2020 | 21m
S2 E12 - Live from Lanford
The Conners talk about voting. West Coast version.
02.12.2020 | 22m
S2 E13 - Brothers, Babies and Breakdowns
Dan copes with a death in the family.
02.19.2020 | 21m
S2 E14 - Bad Dads and Grads
Dan bonds with his younger half brother.
02.26.2020 | 21m
S2 E15 - Beards, Thrupples and Robots
Darlene gets a job at Price Warehouse.
03.18.2020 | 20m
S2 E16 - Tats and Tias
Becky struggles to find childcare.
03.25.2020 | 21m
S2 E17 - The Icewoman Cometh
Bev is back from Arizona.
04.08.2020 | 21m
S2 E18 - Pilot Lights and Sister Fights
Dan is ready to share his feelings.
04.15.2020 | 21m
S2 E19 - CPAPs, Hickeys and Biscuits
Darlene spends the night in jail.
04.29.2020 | 21m
S2 E20 - Bridge Over Troubled Conners
Darlene and Ben go apartment hunting.
05.06.2020 | 21m