Murray Goldberg's Top 5 Dad Moments

Murray Goldberg's Top 5 Dad Moments

We’ve put together Murray Goldberg’s 5 finest dad moments. And by finest, we mean funniest. He may never be father of the year, but he was certainly one of the top dads of the ‘80s. See Murray shine!

Holy Sheet: Murray Goldberg isn’t as overprotective as his beloved wife when it comes to the kids, but he does have his tipping point when it comes to his baby girl.

The Missing Sheet|Your baby girl is at a college frat house.|Beverly convinces Murray that they should go find Erica all while keeping her trust with Erica.


Getting to First Base: Every parent dreads having the sex talk with their kids, but Murray has a fine system. Just think about baseball.

Talking About Baseball|I'll give him a sex talk.|Murray develops a very confusing system to teach Barry about sex.


King of the Remote: Everyone knows that the dad is the only member of the family who truly knows how to use the remote. Who knew they had voice command technology in the ‘80s? Certainly not Murray.

My Name is Murray Goldberg|Murray tries to program the VCR.|Murray Goldberg has trouble programming the VCR using voice commands.


Mini Murray: Some of our best qualities come from our parents. Unfortunately, so do some of our worst. This next scene is a lesson to all about the importance of clean underwear.

A Chip Off The Old Block|Murray realizes that Barry is becoming a mini Murray.|Murray realizes that Barry is becoming a mini Murray.


Hoop Dreams: A good dad encourages his kids to always pursue their dreams. Murray Goldberg is no exception. Of course, he has his own unique way of doing so. The end result is some slam dunk parenting. Well, almost.



Barry Gets His Shoes|Murray gives Barry the shoes he wished for.|Barry displays his basketball prowess after receiving the pair of shoes that will prepare him for professional basketball.