Antwine Love
Antwine Love

Baker Biography

Baking Style: Southern with a Twist

There is no better story to root for, than a redemption story, and this is Antwine's story of redemption. Last season her journey as a home baker was unexpectedly cut short due to the sudden death of her father. This season she's looking to go out on her own terms in the competition.

As a single mother of two, Antwine is not only prepared for any challenge at all times, but she welcomes them! On a daily basis she juggles work, taking care of the house and filling the role of both mom & dad. Yet she somehow manages to still push herself to make the most delicious bakes for friends and family to enjoy.

Being a contestant on Season 2 opened her eyes to a whole different world of baking that has influenced her different baking styles and inspired her to be more adventurous in the kitchen. After leaving the show, Antwine felt exhilarated and more energized to bake. She even left her mundane job to start baking more often and to volunteer at a local food bank, providing them with her bakes! 

For the past year she has wondered what the outcome would've been had she finished out the competition. Antwine has unfinished business with The Great American Baking Show, and is ready to prove to America how far she's able to get. 

1st Baking Memory: Helping her mother bake a cake for her dad when he came home from duty
Baking Inspiration: The joy of watching others taste her bakes