Molly Brodak
Molly Brodak

Baker Biography

Baking Style: Creative

If Molly could communicate using only art, she would. She sees everything creatively, even her swearing! Why use "normal" curse words when you can make up your own creative ones like "Pizza Panties!"? Bakes are even pieces of edible art to Molly and she describes her cakes as being "inspired by imaginative poetry she makes come to life".

Middle school is already hard enough as a kid but also having your dad in and out of prison your whole childhood was a hard obstacle a young Molly had to learn to overcome. She praises her Mother for being her hero and the only reason she was able to get through those years. Being able to make her mom proud by being a part of The Great American Baking Show would mean the world to Molly.

Molly is constantly channeling herself with the most elaborate cakes she can find and by taking bizarre requests from friends. There's no technique she hasn't used, or creative challenge she's already tried and Molly doesn't feel there's much more she can do on her own as a home baker. She is ready for the type of challenge that comes from being in a competition like this and to feel validated as a baker.

1st Baking Memory: Making Challah bread with her mom
Baking Inspiration: Her mother, art and music, and nature