Pepe the King Prawn
Pepe the King Prawn

Character Biography

First of all, Pepé is a King Prawn…NOT a shrimp. (This is not a mistake you want to make, trust us!) Born off the coast of Mallorca, Spain, Pepé was discovered during an early morning casting call. Unfortunately, the casting was done by a fisherman using a net, and the role was as a seafood entree at a local eatery.

While being breaded, Pepé realized there was literally no future in the seafood industry and decided to go into show business. After washing ashore in Hollywood, Pepé joined the Muppets and first appeared on the ABC television show Muppets Tonight. This led to his breakthrough role in feature film—Muppets From Space, followed by appearances in The Muppets and Muppets Most Wanted. There’s been no stopping him since. He was recently hired as a writer for the syndicated late night show, Up Late with Miss Piggy.

An inveterate schemer, Pepé is forever trying to get Kermit (whose name he mispronounces as “Karmen”) to go along with his usually less-than-honest plans. It is not that Pepé is a bad guy—it’s just that he prefers to get everything for free and not have to do any work to get it. In addition to his many monetary pursuits, Pepé is a self-styled hot-&-spicy ladies’ prawn, always looking for the woman of his dreams…or any other attractive lady who is willing to give him the time of day.

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