season 1

A family learns a gated community is home to aliens.

S1 E1 - Pilot
The Weavers discover their neighbors are aliens.
09.27.2012 | 21m
S1 E2 - Journey to the Center of the Mall
The Weavers take the Bird-Kersees to a mall.
10.04.2012 | 20m
S1 E3 - Things Just Got Real
Marty and Debbie make plans with their human friends.
10.11.2012 | 21m
S1 E4 - Bathroom Etiquette
Marty and Debbie give Dick Butkus anti-bullying advice.
10.18.2012 | 21m
S1 E5 - Halloween-ween
The Weavers introduce the aliens to Halloween.
10.25.2012 | 21m
S1 E6 - Larry Bird and the Iron Throne
Jackie tries to help Debbie plan Abby's birthday.
11.01.2012 | 20m
S1 E7 - 50 Shades of Green
Debbie and Marty find out more about alien love.
11.08.2012 | 21m
S1 E8 - Thanksgiving is For the Bird-Kersees
Marty is asked to rescind his parents' Thanksgiving invite.
11.15.2012 | 21m
S1 E9 - Merry Crap-Mas
The Weavers are reminded of the meaning of Christmas.
12.06.2012 | 21m
S1 E10 - Juan of the Dead
A gardener dies, forcing Debbie and Marty to explain death.
12.13.2012 | 20m
S1 E11 - The Gingerbread Man
Larry Bird helps Debbie deal with PTA politics.
01.10.2013 | 21m
S1 E12 - Cold War
The whole Weaver family comes down with a cold.
01.17.2013 | 21m
S1 E13 - Dream Weavers
The Weavers and the Bird-Kersees chaperone a dance.
01.24.2013 | 21m
S1 E14 - The Back Nine
The families are confronted with class and race issues.
01.31.2013 | 20m
S1 E15 - Space Invaders
The relationship advice Debbie gives Reggie backfires.
02.07.2013 | 21m
S1 E16 - Mother Clubbers
Debbie and Jackie want to feel more desirable.
02.14.2013 | 20m
S1 E17 - Larry Bird Presents an Oscar Winning Film By Larry Bird
Larry and Reggie decide to videotape a spelling bee.
02.21.2013 | 21m
S1 E18 - Camping
Marty tries proving he is manly during a camping trip.
02.28.2013 | 21m
S1 E19 - I Believe I Can Drive
Marty offers to teach the Bird-Kersees how to drive.
03.07.2013 | 21m
S1 E20 - Sing Like a Larry Bird
Larry creates a musical after seeing a Broadway show,
03.14.2013 | 21m
S1 E21 - Mo Purses Mo Money Mo Problems
A woman helps Debbie revitalize her purse business.
03.21.2013 | 21m
S1 E22 - It Has Begun
Marty learns that Larry can count cards.
03.28.2013 | 21m