The Story of the Royals


Following the critical and ratings success of last year's The Story of Diana, ABC, PEOPLE, and Time Inc. Productions announce The Story of The Royals, a four-hour primetime television event featuring the captivating lives of the British royal family. The event, which will air on ABC over two nights in August 2018, will showcase the key figures who represent four generations of the crown: Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince George. The Story of The Royals will capture the most current and comprehensive interviews with palace insiders, as well as royal experts and longtime PEOPLE contributors. The multipart series captures the mystique and history of the monarchy as it hits dizzying heights this spring with a new royal baby and the introduction of Meghan Markle, the first American to marry into the British royal family since Wallis Simpson in 1937. Through its many loves, losses, extravagances, challenges and charms, the British royal family has grown into a 21st-century monarchy, and The Story of The Royals will illustrate that evolution as well as examine the American obsession behind all things royal.

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