season 1

Betty from Queens faces the world of New York fashion.

S1 E1 - Pilot
A plain young woman becomes an executive assistant in the world of fashion.
09.29.2006 | 42m
S1 E2 - The Box And The Bunny
Betty loses a proof of the entire magazine.
10.06.2006 | 43m
S1 E3 - Queens For A Day
Betty lures a famous photographer to shoot for the magazine.
10.13.2006 | 42m
S1 E4 - Fey's Sleigh Ride
Betty, Marc and Amanda fear they have leaked a Mode secret.
10.20.2006 | 42m
S1 E5 - The Lyin', The Watch And The Wardrobe
Betty has a series of frightful experiences on Halloween.
10.27.2006 | 42m
S1 E6 - Trust, Lust And Must
Sofia Reyes leaves a lasting impression on Daniel and Betty.
11.03.2006 | 42m
S1 E7 - After Hours
Betty takes a break from her family troubles.
11.10.2006 | 43m
S1 E8 - Four Thanksgivings And A Funeral
Daniel attends his parents brunch in hope of seeing Sofia (Salma Hayek).
11.17.2006 | 42m
S1 E9 - Lose The Boss
Betty struggles to put together a last-minute Mode photo shoot.
11.24.2006 | 43m
S1 E10 - Fake Plastic Snow
Betty questions her relationship with Walter and her feelings for Henry.
12.01.2006 | 42m
S1 E11 - Swag
Christine announces she is going to clean out the magazine's closet.
01.05.2007 | 43m
S1 E12 - Sofia's Choice
Betty discovers evidence that casts doubt on Sofia's intentions.
01.12.2007 | 42m
S1 E13 - In Or Out
Betty determines to get Daniel back to work.
01.19.2007 | 42m
S1 E14 - I'm Coming Out
Betty hustles to ensure Mode's runway show goes off without a hitch.
02.02.2007 | 42m
S1 E15 - Brothers
The masked woman's shocking announcement leaves Mode in chaos.
02.09.2007 | 42m
S1 E16 - Derailed
Daniel reconnects with a woman he once stood up for a date in college.
02.16.2007 | 42m
S1 E17 - Icing On The Cake
Betty impulsively invites her orthodontist to be her date.
03.16.2007 | 43m
S1 E18 - Don't Ask, Don't Tell
Marc convinces Betty to pretend to be his girlfriend.
03.23.2007 | 42m
S1 E19 - Punch Out
Daniel reverts to his old hard-partying ways.
04.20.2007 | 41m
S1 E20 - Petra-Gate
Betty tries to avoid Daniel, Christina and Henry.
04.27.2007 | 43m
S1 E21 - Secretaries Day
Betty looks for ways to come up with extra money to solve a family dilemma.
05.04.2007 | 42m
S1 E22 - A Tree Grows in Guadalajara
Betty and her family go to Guadalajara to solve Ignacio's problems.
05.11.2007 | 42m
S1 E23 - East Side Story
Betty's romance with Henry heats up.
05.18.2007 | 42m