season 3

Betty from Queens faces the world of New York fashion.

S3 E1 - The Manhattan Project
Betty makes a moving decision about what to do with her life.
09.26.2008 | 42m
S3 E2 - Filing For The Enemy
Wilhelmina offers Betty a job at Mode as her assistant.
10.03.2008 | 43m
S3 E3 - Crimes Of Fashion
An accident leaves the Modies stunned.
10.10.2008 | 42m
S3 E4 - Betty Suarez Land
Gio returns and Betty tries to make amends, but he's not having it.
10.17.2008 | 42m
S3 E5 - Granny Pants
Kimmie Keegan (Lindsay Lohan) asks for Betty's help in finding a job.
10.24.2008 | 41m
S3 E6 - Ugly Berry
Betty finds herself competing with Kimmie.
10.31.2008 | 41m
S3 E7 - Crush'd
Betty works overtime to get the attention of her cute neighbor.
11.07.2008 | 43m
S3 E8 - Tornado Girl
Betty needs Daniel's help to prevent a PR nightmare for the magazine.
11.14.2008 | 42m
S3 E9 - When Betty Met YETI
Betty and Marc both apply to YETI, the Young Editors Training Program.
11.21.2008 | 42m
S3 E10 - Bad Amanda
Betty and Amanda team up for a Mode website article.
12.05.2008 | 41m
S3 E11 - Dress For Success
Betty juggles work and family without much success.
01.09.2009 | 43m
S3 E12 - Sisters On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown
Betty is torn between work and home in the wake of a family crisis.
01.23.2009 | 42m
S3 E13 - Kissed Off
Betty makes a personal decision to help her family and finances.
02.06.2009 | 42m
S3 E14 - The Courtship Of Betty's Father
Betty tapes a tribute for Claire Meade's birthday that's very revealing.
02.13.2009 | 42m
S3 E15 - There's No Place Like Mode
Fashion Week brings chaos to Mode.
02.20.2009 | 42m
S3 E16 - Things Fall Apart
Betty makes a surprising budget discovery.
02.27.2009 | 43m
S3 E17 - Sugar Daddy
The Suarez family try to come up with the cash to buy their rental home.
03.06.2009 | 42m
S3 E18 - A Mother Of A Problem
Betty meets Matt's mother but things don't go as she expects.
03.13.2009 | 41m
S3 E19 - The Sex Issue
Daniel and Wilhelmina hope a racy issue of Mode will turn things around.
03.20.2009 | 43m
S3 E20 - Rabbit Test
The Suarez family meets Matt's billionaire dad.
05.01.2009 | 42m
S3 E21 - The Born Identity
Baby William is kidnapped and Betty is dragged into the ensuing drama.
05.08.2009 | 42m
S3 E22 - In The Stars
Betty teams with Matt and Marc for their all-important final YETI project.
05.15.2009 | 43m
S3 E23 - Curveball
Just as Betty agrees to move in with Matt, Henry pays a visit to NYC.
05.22.2009 | 43m
S3 E24 - The Fall Issue
Matt lets his jealousy over Henry get the best of him.
05.22.2009 | 42m