French Bulldog Mix

Dog Biography

What comes to mind when you hear the name "Sabre?" Maybe you think of a saber-toothed tiger, a mighty prehistoric predator with huge protruding fangs willing to take on any challenger? That's basically what you're getting with our adorable "Sabre" vying for the title of Best Underbite. Except in this Sabre's case, you're still getting the giant oversized fangs protruding from her jaw, but you're swapping out the scary ferocity for extreme gentleness, optimism, and kindness. While this thirty-pound French Bulldog mix might not be as massive in size as a saber-toothed tiger was, her heart is just as big!

Sabre was found by rescuers from Hugs Heart Foundation laying on the side of the road after being hit by a car. Her condition was dire, and Sabre was rushed to the animal hospital for care.  She suffered from many scrapes, abrasions, an eye injury, and a broken leg. She needed urgent care, and when no one responded, Hugs Heart Foundation stepped in to make sure Sabre got the care she needed.

Without knowing her name or where she came from hospital staff initially called Sabre "Underbite." Who could blame them? That beautiful underbite is impressive! After they got to know how strong she was she was given the name Sabre in honor of their admiration for the fight in the little dog and how it resembled the strength in actual saber-toothed tigers.

Sabre has recovered from her accident and her foster mom LisaMarie calls her the brightest part of her day! LisaMarie can't wait to hear Sabre's pitter-pattering feet rushing toward her every morning.  Sabre rushes in to give morning kisses and seems to be overjoyed to make Lisa Marie laugh! LisaMarie shares a special bond with Sabre, because she too was nearly killed by a car. They share a survivor's spirit. Sabre loves making people happy, bringing joy, and never seems to wipe the huge smile off her own wonderful face while doing it!

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French Bulldog / American Staffy Mix

2 years


30 lbs.


Hermosa Beach, CA


- Sabre is a pro at running through the house towards her foster mom LisaMarie as fast as she can, leaping through the air into her arms, and smothering her with kisses!
- Sabre uses an outdoor couch as a diving board  to lunge into a baby pool!
- Sabre has some unusual friends! She has built friendships with peacocks and is great around horses.
- Sabre and LisaMarie bond while watching their shared favorite show, The Voice together!
- Sabre is great at playing fetch! She's fast as lightening and no stuffed toy has a chance of escaping her jaws when she's in pursuit!

Sabre enjoys her stuffed blue groundhog with a fluffy tail,  but  her ducky, a long purple snake, and any tennis ball that bounces are her next level loves.

Sabre loves eating Stella & Chewy's freeze dried raw coated kibble or full-sized carrots!

Sabre has the ability to make fast friends. She loves meeting and spending time with other rescue dogs and going for long walks in nature. Her best friend is a pitbull rottie mix named Liberty!


Her human should not mind doggie kisses and should be accepting of her doggie love when she gives you a hug. Sabre enjoys being with her rescue pack, which consists of medium to extra-large adult and senior dogs, pitbulls and mastiffs. Perhaps another animal in the house would give her a doggie companion if they are dog-friendly with little dogs who act like monkeys sometimes when they play.

She has not been exposed to loud children's playground situations, but Sabre loves music, dancing, and watching TV. She has not been cat tested, but she nicely walks by peacocks, horses, and lizards without chasing them.