Dog Biography

Hennessy loves a good couch and who can blame him? This senior dog has seen and been through a lot, so no one minds his lazy nature. He lays down anywhere he can for naps to the point it's almost impossible to capture a photo of him NOT sleeping. The naps also provide great entertainment for foster parent Jerri who says she laughs while he snores, snorts, and farts to his heart's content. No one minds because Hennessy has earned those naps.

Hennessy was used for breeding until he was rescued by Balooja's Foundation. He showed up with severe arthritis, needed 17 teeth removed, and a diet overhaul. Jerri has a soft spot for crusty old bulldogs and always has one present as a foster or adoptee. Jerri has provided the love he needs to accompany the medical care he's received as a foster. He's learning to be a part of a family again and his health has improved greatly—his weight is normal, his skin and ears have recovered from inflammation, and he's happy to go on long walks or den up in his crate and chew on a bone.

Hennessy loves his crate more than any other location that isn't a couch. Jerri has tried to woo him with other locations in the home and none seem to stick like his crate. She suspects that it's familiar to him from his breeding days and provides some level of comfortable familiarity to him, so they let him sleep where he wants. He's a loner by nature even though he gets along well with other dogs and is happy as can be relaxing in his crate.

Hennessy is a remarkable old dog—thanks to medical science and pain management, he's still able and very much willing to walk two miles every day. When he's excited, he can still jump like a puppy. Jerri says Hennessy's strength has taught her about resilience. The ability a dog possesses in order to recover from tough circumstances and be forgiving and affectionate never ceases to amaze her.

For inquiries about Hennessy or other wonderful, adoptable dogs, please head to baloojasfoundation.com.


9 years

White and brown

60 lbs.


San Diego, CA


- Hennessy almost dunks his head when he drinks water.
- He's a big chewer even though he has had so many teeth removed and has an underbite that can take out a shin if you run into it.

Hennessy is a Kong dog through and through and loves to dig for treats hidden in the toys.

He's a master at sniffing out food—especially treats like antlers. Eating is his second favorite activity!

Hennessy has 3 favorite activities: sleeping, eating, and walking. They comprise most of his daily routines. He naps for hours on the couch or in his crate and occasionally munches on bone. When it's time to walk, he walks 2 miles!


A bulldog experienced home is a must. He is a loner who can coexist with other dogs but prefers his solitude.

He would do best in a low-energy home where he's allowed to chill in his crate with the door open at his leisure for hours at a time day and night. Hennessy has not been around young children, so it would best that he be in a home without them.