Buzzy Cohen
Buzzy Cohen

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Buzzy Cohen took America by storm during his 10-game run on "Jeopardy!" in 2016. His distinctive sharp look, broad knowledge base and irreverent sense of humor captured people's attention like no other contestant had before. This led to coverage on the likes of Buzzfeed and Vanity Fair, as well as appearances on "GMA" and "ET." His run even led to Twitter running a "moment" after his loss, headlined "We are Living in a Post Buzzy Cohen World." Winning the 2017 Tournament of Champions only bolstered his position as a fan favorite—his gutsy bets and playful attitude with Alex Trebek and other contestants made his competition an all-time favorite for many viewers. "Jeopardy!" even showcased his win as one of the show's highlights in its 35th anniversary book. Cohen returned as one of the six captains for the season 35 "All-Star Games" where his charm and personality took center stage among such luminaries as Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter. "Jeopardy!" has consistently used Cohen's recognizability and appeal with fans in promotional material, including the in-studio hype-up video for "Jeopardy!"

He appeared as comedian Hanniball Burress' trivia expert for the "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" celebrity special. Cohen was tapped to guest host the 2021 "Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions" and topped many lists to become the show's permanent host.

His combination of knowledge, sense of humor and determination, as well as continued offbeat personal challenges—such as deciding to participate on a whim and then taking first place in a national powerlifting competition, learning to tap dance and learning to play bossa nova style guitar—have become fodder for fans. He's the author of the Audible Original "Get Ready: A Champions Guide to Preparing for Moments That Matter" which draws on these experiences, as well as the knowledge of other quirky top performers to help listeners learn how to be ready for life's moments, big and small. He's also written pieces for The Washington Post as well as appearing as a guest on many podcasts and speaker at corporate events for companies like Google and Facebook. Beyond "Jeopardy!," Cohen is a music supervisor working in advertising, helming award-winning work for brands such as Apple, Facebook, Google, Adidas, Nike, Honda and Toyota, to name a few.

After growing up in New Jersey and attending Columbia University, Cohen eventually moved to Los Angeles where he lives with his wife, two daughters, dog and his classic cars.