Cleto Escobedo III
Cleto Escobedo III
Band Leader

Crew Member Biography

We would've loved to hang out with Jimmy and Cleto back when they were best friends growing up in Las Vegas. Guess we'll have to settle for watching them hang out nightly on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Cleto attended UNLV before heading out on the road to perform in and around Las Vegas where he sharpened his saxophone skills. His big break came when he joined Paula Abdul on tour, and he has since toured and recorded with the likes of Marc Anthony, Tom Scott and Take Six.

As the bandleader for Jimmy Kimmel Live, Cleto performs with the Cletones, including his father Cleto Sr., and has also worked on numerous projects for television, films, and commercials. Cleto currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife Lori and daughter Jesse Jean Escobedo.