The black-ish Tribute to Prince

The black-ish Tribute to Prince

For the 100th episode of black-ishDreBow, and the rest of the Johnson family adults find out that not only are Jack and Diane not into music legend Prince—they don't even know who he is. If that doesn't sound like a big deal to you, well, you clearly haven't watched the episode and should definitely go do that now. (We'll help you out: Click this link and watch "Purple Rain," Season 5, Episode 4 of black-ish now.) Prince means a lot to each member of the Johnson family, and for vastly different reasons. Read on and watch the clips below and you'll see why. 

Prince Gives Dre and Bow More Swag

Dre thinks back to his first date with Bow. It went pretty terribly, and at the end of the night, he was ready to just go home and write her off. But then he asked himself: What would Prince do? And apparently, the answer is this: 

For the record, Bow remembers it differently:

Prince Wakes Up Zoey and Junior (In Very Different Ways)

Even though they're younger, Prince's vast influence isn't lost on them either. Zoey was amazed by Prince's social conscience, and Junior was amazed by...something else:

Diane's Prince Awakening

After hearing all the stories, Diane is finally ready to embrace Prince. But not because of those stories—it's because he also had a dark side. She reads that "1999" is about the apocalypse, and "Purple Rain" is about blood in the sky. She can get into that:

It's certainly not what Ruby had in mind, but she'll take it.

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