Siren Season 2 Official Music Guide

Siren Season 2 Official Music Guide

Dive into Bristol Cove with the official Siren Season 2 music guide. Check out the tracks from each episode below.

Siren Official Spotify Playlist:

Episode 16: New World Order

  1. Atonement by Denmark + Winter
  2. In Too Deep by Zachary Kibbee
  3. Becoming the Villain by White Light Riot
  4. Hush by Trills

Episode 15: Sacrifice

  1. Wait by The 4onthefloor
  2. Just Begun by ADONA
  3. Obsidian by Denmark + Winter

Episode 14: The Last Mermaid

  1. Raised by Wolves by Geoffroy
  2. Say My Name by Jim Bianco
  3. Bury My Body by Fire the Animal
  4. She's Got It All by The 4onthefloor
  5. Let Go by Talos
  6. Maybe Tonight by Scavenger Hunt
  7. King of the Jungle by The 4onthefloor
  8. Lioness by SWWARMS

Episode 13: The Outpost

  1. The Healer by Chris Koza
  2. Leave the Light On by Chance Peña
  3. Waking Up Without You by Rhys Lewis
  4. Unstoppable by Rakefire
  5. Breakin' Ground by AHI
  6. Fear, Hope, Green or Me by The 4onthefloor
  7. Halo by Little Dume

Episode 12: Serenity

  1. Smokin' by The 4onthefloor
  2. Ghost In The Radio by Josh Tarp and the Still
  3. Make A Man Pay by Calder's Revolvers
  4. Be Mine by Ofenbach
  5. The Rift by Solomon Grey
  6. I Gotta Believe by Nadine Jansen
  7. Feeling Good by John the Martyr
  8. Lights Out by BLACKWATER
  9. The Cliff by Gabrielle Shonk
  10. Warfare by Katie Garfield

Episode 11: Mixed Signals

  1. Le Storm by The Ghosts of Helags
  2. Too High by Bass Drum of Death
  3. Wild & Unwise by Findlay
  4. Paris by MXMS
  5. Death Of Me by Iolite

Episode 10: All In

  1. There It Is by Shawn James
  2. Enough by Colyer
  3. Another Ace by Black Water
  4. Saviour by Daisy Gray
  5. Down On My Knees by FEAXHERS
  6. Legends by Generdyn ft. Chance Peña

Episode 9: No North Star

  1. The Dark Side (Alternate Reality Version) by Muse
  2. Travelin' Blues by Devon Gilfillian
  3. Something In The Air by Steelfeather

Episode 8: Leverage

  1. Lord Have Mercy by Tom Rhodes
  2. Don't Trust Myself by Robinson
  3. Hum by Felicity

Episode 7: Entrapment

  1. Myrrh Surfer by Brian Casey the Destroyer
  2. Another Ace by ITG Studios
  3. Inside My Head by Matthew Stewart
  4. Break My Back by Wolfie's Just Fine

Episode 6: Distress Call

  1. Rattlesnake by Great Peacock
  2. Pillars Of Sand by The Dales

Episode 5: Primal Instincts

  1. My Kingdom by Simon Feat. lolite
  2. Something Going On by The Swing
  3. Good To Be Bad by Sleep Machine
  4. Runaway by Kitfox

Episode 4: Oil & Water

  1. Left Right Left by Track Team Dropouts
  2. Plastic Hamburgers (Radio Edit) by Fantastic Negrito
  3. Know My Name by The Blancos
  4. Troublemaker by Devon Gilfillian
  5. Don't Give Up by Southern Avenue
  6. Standing Strong by Chance Peña
  7. Be Mine by Ofenbach
  8. Girl from the Wild Wood by Plastic Hotels
  9. Alright by The Wallburds
  10. Dividends by Prinze George

Episode 3: Natural Order

  1. Enemy by The Bones of J.R. Jones
  2. Everything's Lookin Up by SUGAR & THE HI LOWS
  3. Before You Do It Again by GOLD BROTHER X LIIV

Episode 2: The Wolf at the Door

  1. The Drop by The Bones of J.R. Jones
  2. Like What You See by Rayelle
  3. Who's Up by LunchMoney Lewis
  4. You Worry Me by Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats
  5. Stubborn Man by Stealth

Episode 1: The Arrival

  1. The River by Fahrenhaidt
  2. Shake Shake by Rews
  3. Down by Trella

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