GH Recap: What Happened to Nikolas Cassadine?: Week of May 30th

GH Recap: What Happened to Nikolas Cassadine?: Week of May 30th

What an exciting week! Until you can watch the full episodes catch up now!    

It was a short but very eventful week on GH! Ava beseeches Sonny not to shut her out of Avery's life, and ultimately prevails upon him to share custody.

Meanwhile, the police – and later, Laura – descend on Spoon Island. Jordan questions Jason about the commotion. Valerie discovers a smashed cell phone on the rocks. It is identified as Nikolas's. Later, Jordan orders Jason not to leave town, identifying him as a person of interest related to Nikolas's presumed disappearance.

Julian heads for the hospital after learning of Lucas's condition. There, he learns of Obrecht's suspicions regarding Finn. Later, Brad returns with unsettling news from the lab: Lucas was poisoned.

In other news, a conversation with Molly strengthens  Alexis's resolve to rat out Julian – but then she learns of Lucas's condition and postpones her rendezvous with the police.

The morning after the mysterious disappearance of Nikolas, his mother and wife cope with the possibility that he may be gone for good. Elizabeth brings Spencer home from a sleepover and they walk in to a crime scene. Spencer is oddly detached. Later, Liz shows up at the PCPD and tells Jordan she has information about Nikolas Cassadine's disappearance and it has to do with Hayden.

Meanwhile, Jason and Sam go in for informal questioning about the events at Wyndemere at the PCPD with Jordan who is trying to get to the bottom of the disappearance. Jordan shows them the surveillance tape from outside the mansion and the time stamp information leaves plenty of time for Jason to have done something to Nikolas.

Jason and Sam decide to hole up somewhere out of the way while they figure out how to get Jason off the suspect list in Nik's disappearance.  They stop by the hospital and arrange for Monica to take Danny. They then head to one of Sonny's safe houses, where Jason calls Liz. Liz urges him not to make the situation worse for himself. 

Carly is upset, having just learned about Lucas's health crisis but then has to deal with arriving Ava, there to pick up Avery – and learns that Sonny and Ava have brokered a shared custody deal. She is shocked at first but Sonny convinces her it is best for Avery.

Later, Finn shows up at Wyndemere to return Hayden's check.  Hayden asks after Finn's foundation, and Finn explains that the person he lost to the disease it's dedicated to was his wife.  Hayden notices that Finn is not looking so well and wants to call a doctor. Finn proceeds to inject himself, admonishing Hayden to forget what she saw. Jordan appears at the door, wanting to discuss Hayden's missing diamonds… and she's brought some feds with her.

At GH, Maxie is with Nathan after he wakes from a disturbing dream.  Later, Maxie runs into Sam, telling her she's dropping the investigation into Claudette. Maxie is happy that Nathan's injury is behind them and they can start planning their wedding in earnest. Nathan tells her that before they get married, there's something he needs to tell her. 

Carly arrives at the hospital to check on Lucas, as she and Bobbie wonder who would have wanted to hurt him.  Dr. Obrecht approaches, suggests that Carly ask her friend Dr. Finn.  Monica also moves in, explains they've launched an investigation and are cooperating with the police.  Obrecht continues to point the finger at Finn.  Obrecht reveals that she's checked with Finn's former hospital, and learned that he was rumored to be a drug addict.

Hayden attempts to flee; Elizabeth stops her – and they are interrupted by the unexpected arrival of Hayden's mother, Naomi.


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