Behind the Scenes of "The Bachelor" 2024: Week 3

Behind the Scenes of "The Bachelor" 2024: Week 3

As Bachelor Joey Graziadei's journey to love continues, he's joined by a few familiar faces. First, the ASKN ladies of "The Golden Bachelor" – April, Susan, Kathy and Nancy – return at the week's first group date to offer up some advice and help find Joey's Mrs. Right. Then, one lucky woman hits the beach for a romantic one-on-one date; and the remaining women gear up for a tennis date like none other, guest judged by host Jesse Palmer alongside ESPN's James Blake and Pam Shriver. Later, Joey decides to spice up the cocktail party, but it's not all sunshine between the women even at a pool party. Will a heated conversation make enough waves to rock Joey's confidence in his connections, or will it be smooth sailing? Watch "The Bachelor" season 28, episode 3 online now, and read on for some of the sights and sounds from the episode!

As Featured On: "The Bachelor" Week 3

Hollywood Forever

Heads In The Sky Drones

Triumph Motorcycles

Above: Edwina, Kelsey T. and Jenn pose at the pool party

Above: Rachel, Autumn, Jess, Lea, Daisy and Chrissa have a snack at the pool party

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