Behind the Scenes of "The Bachelor" 2022: Week 7

Behind the Scenes of "The Bachelor" 2022: Week 7

Week 7 is the season's juiciest, most jam-packed episode of "The Bachelor" yet. Fresh from her second one-on-one date, Sarah is intent on finding out which of the remaining women tried to take her down and the drama from her bitter confrontation threatens to ruin yet another cocktail party. Things seem to cool down when the group makes their way to Vienna, Austria, where the stakes couldn't be higher for Bachelor Clayton Echard as the realization hits that hometowns are right around the corner. Later, he and the women let their walls down with an intimate couples' therapy session, but an observation from the psychotherapist rocks Clayton, leading him to make another decision that has the women questioning everything, all leading up to one of the most heartbreaking rose ceremonies of the season.

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VIDEO: Serene tells Clayton she's falling in love with him

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