The Silliest Moments on Bachelor in Paradise 2019 So Far

The Silliest Moments on Bachelor in Paradise 2019 So Far

Everyone down on the beach on Bachelor In Paradise is there to find love, which is serious business. But that doesn't mean there isn't also a bunch of nonsensical chicanery down there that happens on a daily basis. As Paradise heads into the final two weeks, which are likely to be filled with lost of drama and a lot of tears, we figured we'd take a moment to look back at some of the moments that made us drop the popcorn and do a spit take. 

Demi & Jordan Throwing Shade

Demi and Jordan are two of the most quotable folks in Bachelor Nation, so bringing them together to do some play-by-play on the folks in Paradise was so inspired it felt inevitable:

John Paul Jones Eats the Date Food

Who knew eating your meal on a date was a big no-no in the Bachelor world?!? Apparently everyone but me and John Paul Jones, as it turns out:

Matt Needs the Entire Beach to Help Him Kiss Sydney

It takes a village to raise a child and it takes the entire palapa to get Matt to kiss Sydney, even though they both want it to happen:

Jane Accidentally Makes JPJ Throw Up

Jane just wanted to do something nice for the guy she was into, but boy, did she underestimate JPJ's sensitive stomach:

Tahzjuan Can't Handle the Heat

Poor Tahzjuan had to watch the guy she liked leave for a date with someone else, and then she melted in Mexico's tropical clime:

There's sure to be more great moments on the way next week, so tune in MONDAY & TUESDAY 8|7c to see more Bachelor in Paradise 2019.

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