Bachelor in Paradise 2019, Week 5, Part 1 Recap: John Paul Jones & Derek Go At It Again

Bachelor in Paradise 2019, Week 5, Part 1 Recap: John Paul Jones & Derek Go At It Again

Last week on Bachelor In Paradise, a grenade was tossed onto the beach in the form of Angela, Clay's ex. Clay has been dating Nicole, but said some version of "I really care for/about Angela" approximately 1,783 times in the last episode. With Angela officially on the beach, is this the end for Nicole? Watch Bachelor In Paradise Week 4, Part 1 right here on or in the ABC app, and read on for the highlights!

The A(ngela)-Bomb

When the episode begins, Nicole is talking about how she feels so confident, and everything is great, and Clay is making her a better person, and then BOOM Angela is here and Nicole's happiness just evaporates. Clay tries to console her, and is saying all the right things, but Nicole says she can see on his face that this is throwing him. And that's throwing her, because theoretically, Angela means nothing, but in reality...well, we'll find out. 

Angela says doesn't want to make waves. Then again, a rock doesn't want to make waves but when you throw it in the ocean, water's gonna move. Tayshia goes so far as to confront Clay about not calling Nicole his girlfriend at Chris and Krystal's wedding—Clay then calls Nicole his girlfriend a whole lot, but was his hesitance to say it before telling? 

When Mike goes on a date with Angela, for instance, Clay is upset that one of his friends is going on a date with his ex. And no one seems to believe that Angela is going to drop it, despite what she's said, so more fireworks are incoming.

John Paul Jones Makes a Couple Enemies

Wait, can that header be right? John Paul Jones? OUR John Paul Jones?

Yep. You see, JPJ is still very much into Tayshia. But Tayshia also seems to be leaning more toward Derek at this point, so JPJ is also taking some time to chat up Haley, give her a few compliments, etc. Turns out Haley is very into JPJ, so she is enjoying the attention and hoping this connection turns into something more. 

But then Derek casually—or perhaps, intentionally—tells Haley JPJ has been saying he is way into Tayshia. This is a shock to Haley, and makes her 1) sad, and 2) mad:

Haley isn't going to be anyone's Plan B, and she definitely let JPJ know it. The best parts are Demi's reactions to all that.

Naturally, JPJ was not thrilled to hear that Derek was the one who blew up his spot with Haley, because these two have been going at it here and there, mostly due to their mutual attraction to Tayshia. So, with the best of intentions, they walked down to the water together to see if they could find common ground in a discussion about philosophy and maybe just put all this drama to an end LOL JK they yell at each other for a good long while:

The immediate fallout of this, which neither JPJ nor Derek were aware of at this point, was that Tayshia is now thinking that maybe she's over both these dudes, because she just doesn't feel like this was the mature way to handle it. 

More New Guys on the Beach

"In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death, taxes, and new people coming into Paradise." - Benjamin Franklin

Ol' Benji was quite the prognosticator, as Matt Donald comes down the stairs to shake up the current relationships. And minutes later, Luke Stone comes down the stairs as well. They've each got half a date card, because they're going to be taking two ladies on a double date. Matt catches the eye of newly-disinterested-in-both-Derek-and-JPJ Tayshia, who wants to get off the beach before anything else gets weird. But Matt asks Sydney and Luke asks Kristina, so Tayshia has to stay home. 

Matt and Sydney hit it off quick, with Sydney saying they've got instant chemistry that she didn't really have with Mike. But their connection might be the only thing moving quickly with Matt in the picture:

It's not often you see a shy guy on this show, so savor it, folks. There are millions of us!

This Is The End

Not of, like, the show, guys—you can relax. But Tayshia feels like she has to settle all this drama of which she's somehow become the center. And if you're a fan of efficiency, you'll be a fan of this: Tayshia sits down with JPJ, and while he says he knows it's her, she tells him she's not that sure, and leaves him crying on the beach. And then she pulls Derek aside for a similar conversation, telling him without a doubt that she doesn't think she can get to a point with him where they can be together in the real world. 

Derek is crushed after suffering his second bout of serious heartbreak here on the beach, and decides he's had enough. He packs up and leaves.

While that drama might be settled, there's a LOT more to come, most obviously in the form of a now clean-shaven Dean, who has come back to Paradise (much to Connor's dismay) with a question for Caelynn

Oh man...this is gonna be good. Watch TONIGHT 8|7c to see how it turns out!

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