The Businesses and Products from Season 13, Episode 3 of Shark Tank

The Businesses and Products from Season 13, Episode 3 of Shark Tank

Daniel Lubetzky, executive chairman of KIND, returns in an all-new episode this week on "Shark Tank." First into the tank are entrepreneurs from Snellville, Georgia, who introduce their online learning platform to empower young students to reach their creative potential through art. A trio of entrepreneurs from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, hope to butter up the sharks with the first-ever oat-based spread; while a husband and wife from Delray, Florida, have a bride in mind when they share their boozy spin on an all-in-one traditional wedding day essential. An entrepreneur from Apex, North Carolina, introduces a fun and edible innovation designed to reduce single-use plastics in an effort to help preserve the world's oceans.

Mark Cuban
Barbara Corcoran

Lori Greiner
Kevin O'Leary
Daniel Lubetzky

Sparketh was founded in 2015 by Dwayne Walker and Tim Samuel, childhood best friends, driven by their shared passions of creativity and business. Sparketh is an online art education platform for kids and teens where they can learn how to create art anywhere and everywhere. With over a thousand art video lessons, your kids can create and share with our global community.

Oat Haus
Female-founded Oat Haus Granola Butter is the first-ever spreadable granola. Organic, nut-free, and gluten-free with only 3g of sugar. Spread it on toast, drizzle it on your smoothie, dip fruit in it, or spoon it directly into your mouth!

Flasky Flowers
Flasky Flowers is a fun new way to have both a bouquet and drink in your one hand at the same time. Simply pick out your flowers, snip them and stick them into the foam. Once the bouquet is created, pop off the lid, fill it with your drink of choice, snap it back on and enjoy your drink through the hidden straw. It's as simple as 1,2,3!

Incredible Eats
By 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans. Incredible Eats reinvents the way we eat our food by replacing single use plastics with edible cutlery. With true grit and passion spent over 2 years of R&D and after 70 trials, Incredible Eats found a way to manufacture edible cutlery at scale. Their edible spoons and sporks are vegan, made with non-gmo whole grains, and come in two shapes with both sweet and savory flavors. They stay firm for up to 20 minutes in hot foods and work even longer in cold foods. Incredible Eats' goal is to make people think twice before using another single use plastic cutlery. Please join in preserving the environment for our future generations, one edible spoon, spork and straw at a time. Did you EAT your SPOON today?

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