The Best Dog Shows to Watch this Responsible Dog Ownership Month on and the ABC App

The Best Dog Shows to Watch this Responsible Dog Ownership Month on and the ABC App

September is Responsible Dog Ownership Month, so we've compiled the best dog-related shows available here on and the ABC app for all the dog-lovers out there. Whether you're a veteran dog-owner with years of experience, or you're dreaming of getting a dog for the very first time, you'll find helpful advice in these National Geographic shows. With programs like "Cesar Millan: Better Human Better Dog" about improving your own skills as a dog owner, and the adorable "Puppy Days" about puppy-raising tips, we're here to celebrate responsible dog ownership this month and beyond! Many of these shows can be found on "National Geographic's Pets and Vets" channel, which means you can watch all the dog content you desire on a 24/7 streaming channel, with no sign-in needed. Read on to find out more about these paw-some shows!

Do you remember the Dog Whisperer? If you're wondering what the dog trainer Cesar Millan is doing in 2022, you should check out "Cesar Millan: Better Human Better Dog." Cesar takes on his most challenging cases yet, as he solves problems left right and center by getting to the root cause of canine behavioral issues. By improving the actions of well-intentioned but impulsive owners, Cesar leaves both human and dog happy! If you've seen all of the newest episodes, catch up with "Cesar 911" for even more tips and tricks from Cesar Millan. For the puppy-obsessed among us, you need to watch "Puppy Days." Arguably the cutest show on TV, this show gives you puppy-raising tips and tricks to help you welcome your new furry family member into your home. If you're fashion and photography inclined, however, you should try out "Pupparazzi." Viewers are invited on a journey along with professional dog photographer Kaylee Greer as she ventures out on dog photoshoot adventures around the world.

You might be wondering, "Is Your Dog a Genius?", and that's a valid question to ask about your little bundles of joy (when they're not trying to eat socks). In this show, Dr. Brian Hare applies his research to help dog owners better understand their canine companions ­ — after all, you'll be better placed to look after your dogs responsibly if you understand what's going on in their little heads! Plus, if you're a fan of vet shows, we have "Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet," where you'll meet Dr. Michelle Oakley, a superhero vet in the Yukon. Watch her make house calls across thousands of square miles, helping wild and domestic animals alike.

Do you ever wonder how often you should be taking your dog to the vet? Watch "Pop Goes the Vet with Dr. Joya," in which two dermatologists see the best and worst of our furry friends! From hair loss to impacted earwax, Dr. Joya and Dr. Jeff investigate the largest organ in an animal's body: the skin! If oozing cysts aren't really your style, try "Trackers," a show in which our canine companions become superheroes. Follow the trackers as they work with their highly trained dogs work to reunite people with their missing pets — it's a great one for those of us who love a happy ending. Sometimes all you need is some light relief, and that's where "World's Funniest Dogs" comes in. In this one-hour special, you can enjoy some of the funniest dog videos known to man!

Watch the best shows for dog lovers on and the ABC App for even more puppy love.

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