Watch "It's Not Too Late Earth Day Special" on Hulu & ABC News Live

Watch "It's Not Too Late Earth Day Special" on Hulu & ABC News Live

Launching only on Hulu on Wednesday, April 21, ABC News Originals will examine the climate crisis and potential solutions with "It's Not Too Late: Earth Day Special" hosted by ABC News Chief Meteorologist Ginger Zee. Zee along with ABC News Correspondents Matt Gutman, Gio Benitez and Maggie Rulli will take viewers on a global journey of discovery to showcase the planet's rich biodiversity that's at stake, the scientific link between extreme weather and climate change and the auto industry's bold plans to become carbon neutral within the next 20 years. Zee will bring viewers inside the only commercially operating lithium mine – the rare metal that could be key to reducing fossil fuel consumption – but can enough of it be made and what impacts will it have on the environment? The special also features interviews with the first White House Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy, former EPA head Lisa Jackson, the first Middle Eastern female astronaut to travel to space Anousheh Ansari and some of the youth activists around the world aiming to make a difference. "It's Not Too Late: Earth Day Special" will stream Thursday, April 22 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC News Live. Additional climate coverage across ABC News this week includes:

Anchor David Muir and the "World News Tonight" team will report on critical climate change issues including immigration and climate refugees, America's pollution, U.S. farming challenges and the future of America's clean energy. Also, "World News Tonight" will feature reports from Central America and Washington State and a piece by Zee who traveled to the Mojave Desert.

"Good Morning America" will feature multiple reports on climate change and the environment throughout the week. On Wednesday, ABC News Correspondent Will Reeve will be live from Iceland bringing viewers to a volcano that is still erupting, as new fissures open up with no warning and no end in sight. Zee will report on the future of cars and how the United States will support green vehicles. On Thursday, Zee will travel to Holland, Mich., to explore how climate change is eroding the shores of the Great Lakes, sending homes crashing into the water.

"GMA3: What You Need to Know" on Thursday will have New York based clothing designer and zero-waste lifestyle pioneer Zero Waste Daniel on to discuss how he's creating fashionable items while helping to reduce waste and author Jennie Romer to provide tips and tricks on what can be recycled, how to handle waste and be more conscientious about what is consumed.

"ABC News Live Prime" on Thursday will have a report from Gutman who will travel to the Dry Corridor in Guatemala, an area where drought and climate change are fueling migration and an exodus of people towards the U.S.

ABC News and GMA Digital will feature comprehensive coverage, including how to talk to kids about climate change, reforestation efforts locally and worldwide, the environmental toll of PPE, the ongoing water crisis in Jackson, Miss., and how it's impacting its citizens, profiles of women engaged in the climate fight, what it's like to grow up a victim of climate change, how environmental racism continues to affect communities of color and the "slow fashion" movement aiming to make fashion more sustainable.

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