The Goldbergs Season 3 Finale Preview

The ABC Comedies 2016 season finales are coming including the The Goldbergs Season 3 finale! This is your one-stop spot to get the full scoop on how all your favorite shows are going to wrap things up before you head outdoors for a summer of fun. What shenanigans are Beverly's schmoopies, Barry, Erica and Adamgetting into on The Goldbergs? What the heck is going on with the Hecks in The Middle? And who’s that familiar ABC comedy face guest starring on the Fresh Off the Boat season finale? Check out everything you need to know below and get ready to laugh in the summer on ABC!

The Goldbergs Season 3 Finale “Have a Summer”: Adam and his friends are stressing out about Hell Week, where the incoming freshmen are hazed by the seniors. Adam gains the respect of the old kids at school when he body slams Barry. Meanwhile, Erica and her friends discuss what they are going to put in their school’s time capsule. Watch The Goldbergs Season 3 Finale WEDNESDAY MAY 18 8:30|7:30c on ABC!




Haley and Andy's One Crazy Adventure|Haley helps Andy have one crazy adventure before he gets married.|Andy thanks Haley for the crazy adventure they had when they hid from everyone that snuck into the house. They agree everything they were feeling was caused by the sexiness of the house. After Haley leaves, she comes right back into the house to give Andy his one crazy adventure before marriage. From Season 7, Episode 7, "Phil's Sexy, Sexy House" of Modern Family ABC WENDESDAYS 9|8c.


Check out the rest of the ABC Comedy 2016 Finale lineup below!

The Middle Season 7 Finale “The Show Must Go On”: After almost forgetting that Brick’s middle school graduation is only days away, Frankie goes on a mission to right a wrong when Brick discovers that the song he was supposed to sing at the ceremony has been cut. Meanwhile, Sue needs to be at Dollywood to begin her summer job on the same day as Brick’s graduation, and Axl takes a job as a country club counselor and finds himself being mocked by a 10-year-old carbon copy of himself. Watch The Middle Season 7 Finale WEDNESDAY MAY 18 8|7c on ABC!

Modern Family Season 7 Finale “Double Click”: Claire can’t seem to find the right time to fire one of her employees, while, back at home, Phil thinks he caught Luke with a girl in his bed, and no one seems to notice that Alex has moved back home for the summer. Jay refuses to accept that it might be harder to reenter the workforce than he thought, and Cameron and Mitch butt heads on how to share time with Lily now that Cameron took a summer job in Kansas City. Check out some top scenes of the season below and watch the Modern Family Season 7 Finale WEDNESDAY MAY 18 9|8c on ABC!

black-ish Season 2 Finale “Good-ish Times”: Dre is left exhausted after wrestling with a lot of stress at work and while at home, he drifts to sleep watching a TV marathon of “Good Times” – cue the dream sequence. The Johnson family goes back in time to the 1970s transforming into the classic TV show’s characters. Watch the black-ish Season 3 Finale WEDNESDAY MAY 18 9:30|8:30c on ABC!

Fresh Off the Boat Season 2 Finale “Bring the Pain”: Louis’ estranged brother, Gene (Ken Jeong), comes to visit, and he has big news to share with the family. And Eddie tries to find creative ways to watch the latest Chris Rock age-inappropriate stand-up comedy special despite his parents’ and brothers’ disapproval. Watch the Fresh Off the Boat Season 2 Finale TUESDAY MAY 24 8|7c on ABC!

The Real O’Neals Season 1 Finale “The Real Prom”: As the school prom approaches, Kenny tries to think of who the best guy would be to ask as his date. With time running out, Kenny and Jimmy try to come up with the perfect “prom-posal” for the classmates they each have set their sights on. Shannon thinks the idea behind prom is a scam and would rather stay at home, but once Pat discovers she was asked to attend, he tries to convince her to go. Meanwhile, Eileen tries to keep VP Murray’s romantic attention at bay but struggles to resist. Watch the The Real O’Neals Season 1 Finale TUESDAY MAY 24 8:30|7:30c on ABC!

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