Season 1, Episode 10

Season 1, Episode 10

Sendaball is a Patent Pending process that is a fun alternative to the Greeting Card, but it's not a card, it's a ball. Sendaball is an internet based greeting company that ships fully inflated vinyl play balls through the mail; no box, no packaging, no bubble wrap, just the ball, some stamps and a "puntastic" message. On one side of the ball is the recipients' address and postage. On the opposite side of the ball is one of Sendaball trademark "pun" messages like "Have A BALL On Your Birthday" or Sendaball's get well ball "Bounce Back Soon" it's also a very powerful sales follow up tool "Had A BALL Meeting You, Looking Forward To Doing Business Together". Sendaball will even customize a message for you. No matter what your message Sendaball can promise at incredible reaction from the receiver. According to the Greeting Card Association, the average household buys and sends 30 greeting cards each year, make one of those a Sendaball this year. Order a Sendaball for only $19.95 which includes shipping, handling and tax at

This dynamic new flexible-geometric construction toy is gaining popularity with teachers, parents and of course - children who enjoy building things. A futuristic structural plastic toy that can be built-up using a unique patented modular geometry. It quickly captures the imagination of children who might have visions of becoming architects, engineers, scientist or even nanotech designers.

Pillars of Slippers is a shoe shopping experience for women of all walks of life. We cater to women's shoe needs by hosting in-home shoe parties, selling affordable shoes online and building an online community of shoe lovers and addicts through our Pillars of Slippers blog.

Llama Brew™ is a patent pending, organically produced natural fertilizer, made from llama beans; manure. Llama Brew offers the first retail liquid non-clogging "No-burn, easy to use, just open and pour" fertilizer in recycled bottles. It has produced tremendous results, as a well-balanced plant nutrient alternative to better-known chemical fertilizers. Launched in late April of 2009, Llama Brew hopes to capture 43 million households, a 19% increase since last year, who now grow their own fruits, vegetables and herbs. Llama Brew is sold for commercial applications as a way of ensuring a safer food supply. Llama Brew does not contain additives, pesticides, antibiotics or heavy metals. It repels critters and pesky insects. Based in La Habra Heights, California. Llama Brew is part of Universal Wellness LLC, which produces Eco-friendly products.

Nubrella is a new "patented" revolutionary umbrella design that exploits the fundamental flaws and limitations of the traditional umbrella while offering the game changing feature of complete hands free capability! Nubrella "the world's only hands free umbrella". No more broken umbrellas with Nubrella. 
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