"Bachelor in Paradise" Season 2 Official Trailer

"Bachelor in Paradise" Season 2 Official Trailer

Bachelor in Paradise Season 2 Premiere is coming soon! The two-night season premiere event begins SUNDAY AUGUST 2 8|7c and continues MONDAY AUGUST 3 8|7c. We've gathered together some fan favorites from past seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, dropped them in paradise, and we'll all watch as they explore new relationships, go on exciting one-on-one dates -- and, of course, watch as the sparks fly on romance and drama.

Season 1 was full of both tears and passion -- contestants Lacy Faddoul and Marcus Grodd just got married in June. Some relationships (Cody Sattler and Michelle Money) have been on-again, off-again, and plenty others just never worked out. But damned if it wasn't incredibly entertaining to watch either way. Season 2 looks to be full of romantic craziness as well. Here's the trailer:

So yeah, that looks awesome! What is it with this show and ambulances, by the way? We saw two hospital visits last season -- the production assistant that jumped out of a second-story window to escape detetction after a rendezvous with contestant Michelle Kujawa, and Lacy after a bout of heatstroke. All we know is, this looks like a heck of a lot of fun. 

Here are some fun facts gleaned from that trailer:

  • So many folks from recent seasons! Here's the full list of Bachelor in Paradise contestants.
  • Ashley I is keeping up her rep for crying
  • Jonathan ends up in tears
  • There's jumping off of boats! A Bachelor classic!
  • I jumped off of a boat once but it was more like "falling out of a canoe"
  • Clare didn't go on the show to play games or to plot, guys -- she went on the show to find love
  • A lot of guys run shirtless on the beach for what seems like a lot of the time
  • Jillian's swimsuits still require us to put a black box on her butt
  • Clare's not looking for drama but it certainly seems to find her
  • Looks like Ashley S gets carted out on a stretcher
  • Tenley ends up in a "very interesting" love triangle
  • OMG so much crying

It's safe to say we're excited for this show to return. Not only because of all the crying. Well, sure, partly because of the crying, but certainly not 100%. And this season, you'll also have After Paradise, a live after-show MONDAYS 9|8c with Chris Harrison and co-host Jenny Mollen, to break down all the action on Bachelor in ParadiseWe're also hoping for more raccoons.

Hurry back, Bachelor in Paradise. It's been too long.

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