Localish Debuts as a Television Broadcast Network

Localish Debuts as a Television Broadcast Network

ABC Owned Television Station's digital-first lifestyle brand Localish makes its official debut as a broadcast channel across its eight owned markets – New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Houston, Raleigh-Durham, and Fresno. The multicast network is a culmination of the group's multiplatform transformation as it completes the rebrand of the Live Well Network.

"In less than two years, a completely new digital brand is transitioning into a full linear channel; and our eight stations have come together in the true process of innovation, vision, collaboration and hard work to literally create a new brand together as one," said Wendy McMahon, president of ABC Owned Television Stations. "I am so proud to share in this moment with all of OTV and celebrate the new future of Localish. The brand's evolving accessibility to a broad, multigenerational audience across a variety of platforms and devices will give us many more opportunities to share uplifting, modern storytelling while creating a compelling branded content solution for our advertisers."

Localish specializes in feel-good, community-focused, next-generation storytelling that is locally sourced yet nationally resonant. It aims to bring out the good in American cities by transcending city limits and individual differences to inspire its audience to live like a local wherever they are. Expanding its short-form series of local storytelling into long-form programming, Localish will now reach approximately 14 million households across America. The current programming on Localish includes the following 10 series: 

More In Common

Hosted by Localish's executive producer Michael Koenigs, "More In Common" is the headlining series for the brand featuring stories of Americans from different backgrounds who come together in unexpected ways. The series will showcase the bridges being built between people of various races, religions, genders and backgrounds in cities and towns across America.

  • Grandma Gamer & Her Biggest Fan - Meet the "Grandma Gamer" and her biggest fan. This is the story of how the gaming world unexpectedly made 82-year-old Shirley and 26-year-old Joseph the best of friends, proving friendship has no age limit.

  • Meet the Artist Who Paints the Homeless - Instead of avoiding eye contact with the homeless who live in his neighborhood, Brian Peterson picked up a paintbrush to capture their faces in his remarkable paintings.

All Good

Channeling the power of good, "All Good" is a series that provides an escape from negative news and discovers the people trying to make a positive change in their communities. With segments that went viral with up to 30 million views, the series is a glimpse into what can happen when people go the extra mile for those in their community. From local heroes to children launching nonprofits, watch as embedded community journalists around the country meet changemakers at the heart of their communities.

  • Principal Sets Up Barber Shop in School to Shape Student Relationships - Dr. Terrance Newton is the principal at Warner Elementary School in Wilmington, Delaware, AND the school barber! After seeing kids who maybe didn't have enough money or time to get their hair cut often, he started Hair Cuts and Books, a weekly workshop for students to bond, learn and look fresh at the same time.

  • Helix Café: Hiring Unemployed Youth - Attempting to help lower the youth unemployment rate in Chicago, Sean Connoly and Caitlin Botsios founded Helix Cafe. The cafe provides jobs to youth ages 16-24, putting them in a program to help them learn the skills needed to work in a coffee shop as well as other interpersonal and professional skills to succeed in high school, college and their future careers.

  • Chicago Man Brings Heat to the Homeless - Husband and father Carey Gidron works three jobs but still finds time to help the homeless by bringing them food, toiletries and propane tanks to stay warm this winter.

Secretly Awesome

Whether you're a local or a visitor, join "Secretly Awesome" as we introduce you to spots the locals love. Hosted by HGTV's Roxy Te, the series features the most innovative entrepreneurs making the biggest impact and difference in their communities.

  • Tour California's Luffa Gardens - What they initially thought was "an ugly old gourd" has grown into a big business for Nathan and Sherri Pauls. Get an inside look at how their all-natural luffa sponges are made.

  • Meet the Godfather of Lowrider Bikes - Hidden in plain sight on the corner of a frontage road in Compton is Manny's Bike Shop along with Manny Silva, the Godfather of Lowrider Bikes who custom-builds elaborate chrome-embellished two-wheelers with hydraulics.

  • Andrew's Artisan Cakes: Teen Runs Own Business - At 15 years old, Andrew Nichols can't drive yet, but he's already running his own business. What started as a cake decorating hobby at age 9, Andrew has now turned into a burgeoning business making towering, sweet creations that most adults couldn't master!

My Go-To

From hidden gems to beloved institutions, celebrities and locals take us to their favorite spots in the city sharing go-to places to be, people to see and things to do. Featuring gamers and major lifestyle brand influencers across Disney Channel, Freeform and YouTube, to name a few, "My Go-To" embraces the unique stories across the country that both amaze and inspire its audience to explore the city they live in or a road trip destination!

  • This 10 lb. Baked Potato Feeds 15 People! - Thrust into the national spotlight by a 2016 episode of Anthony Bourdain's "Parts Unknown," Roy Burns Sr.'s Burns BBQ in Houston is famous for its ribs, homemade links and other smoked treats, including a 10-pound baked potato, which comes with everything from butter and sausage to brisket and nearly everything in between!

  • Welcome to the World's Longest Car Wash - Get your car washed while also checking a new Guinness World Record off the bucket list by making a pit-stop at the Buc-ees convenience store. The beloved Texas gas station chain is known for its 255-foot-long automated tunnel o' suds, featuring pulsing lights and bright multicolored water and waxes, as well as gourmet snacks, merchandise and clever billboards.

  • What Makes Irma's Original Mexican Restaurant So Special? - Chef Irma Galvan has been serving authentic Mexican homestyle breakfast and lunch for more than 30 years at Irma's Original Mexican Restaurant. Visually, every inch of her restaurant is a monument to the celebrities and historic events that have enjoyed her award-winning Best of Houston cuisine.

Bite Size

Feast your eyes on that! "Bite Size" is a foodie's guilty pleasure that will whet anyone's appetite with the spiciest burgers in Texas, biggest ice cream cones in New York, classic mouthwatering sandwiches in Chicago or eclectic donuts in Maui. Highlighting the most unique dishes from local restaurants, bars and festivals, the series gets up close and personal with the chefs and the menu items that helped make their institutions famous.

  • Five-Alarm Fire Burger Challenge - The tiny red barn with big ole burgers makes The Little Bitty Burger Barn one of Houston's favorite neighborhood burger shacks. Customers with courage, try and finish what is known as the hottest burger in Texas but not before signing a waiver!

  • Giant $50 Burrito at Tirsa's Mexican Cafe - Tirsa's Mexican Café in Downtown Los Angeles offers up the TEE-TANIC Burrito Challenge. Executive chef Tirsa Farah has created a massive burrito filled with rice, beans, cheese, guacamole and meat. Selling for $49.99, it's free if you can eat it all in 15 minutes or less.

  • Whole Smoked Alligator - Four-foot seasoned alligators stuffed with chicken thighs and smoked? Chef Brian Jupiter shows how he does it at Frontier in Chicago's Wicker Park neighborhood.

Worth the Wait

We're seeking out the longest lines in America to determine if they're truly "Worth the Wait." Is it rad? Or is it simply a fad? What is it that makes people wait in lines for even hours at a time? This series explores everything from pie shops to major concert events to answer the ever-burning question, "is it really worth the wait"?

  • Biggest Pancake Menu in the World - The top pancake on this gargantuan menu is the Tiramisu Green Tea Pancake. Locals also love the soufflé pancake that jiggles on the plate. Cici's does everything big and there are dozens upon dozens of other decadent breakfast choices, sweet and savory.

  • North Carolina Lines Up After Hurricane - Samantha DiPinto reopened her family-owned Southern Style Barbecue restaurant the day after the hurricane swept through North Carolina. The drive-thru lines reached over three hours for some, rivaling the gas station lines across the street.

  • Daikokuya Is L.A.'s Top Ramen Place - 2017 Winner for Best Ramen in Downtown Los Angeles, Daikokuya boasts long wait times, delicious ramen and many happy customers. The ramen renaissance continues in L.A. with new places cropping up all the time but nothing beats an original, cash-only joint like Daikokuya.


What do hip-hop ballet, an 81-year-old CrossFitter, workout guru Scott Mathison and the latest quirky fitness trends have in common? They are all "Pumped"! Check out the series uncovering the latest and greatest in the health and fitness craze across America as well as stories that will inspire you to get moving!

  • 40+ Double Dutch Jumping Off in Chicago! - The 40+ Double Dutch Club on Chicago's Southside is proving age is just a number. The all-female group meets weekly to jump, sing, and act like a kid again all while staying fit.

  • You Can Do Yoga with Cats in LA - Crumbs and Whiskers was LA's first cat café experience. They now do Cat Yoga every Saturday and always have 24-28 cats in house. The cats all come from the Stray Cat Alliance of Los Angeles. Not only are the cats available to do yoga, but they are also available for adoption!

  • The Art of Dancing With Snakes Can Be Healing? - For over three decades, Anandha Ray has traveled around the world to research and create a genre of dance called Shamanic Fusion Dance. Created as a way to express and heal oneself, the magic of dancing with the serpents lets down your fears while discovering new parts of yourself.

Glam Lab

Watch us test out the newest products and trends in beauty and self-care in the "Glam Lab." Join host Johanna Trupp as she tries the craziest beauty products on the market and gives feedback on her experience. Whether it's charcoal toothpaste, cryotherapy or post-workout IV drips, Jo will try anything at least once showing just how far you need to go to and what it will take to make you feel and look like a $1 million.

  • Inside Scoop on the Oxylite Facial - The Oxylite Facial is a brand-new facial treatment that celebs are swearing by to get the perfect glow before hitting the red carpet. Sarah Akram, one of the most sought-after estheticians on the East Coast, was one of the first people to get her hands on this hot new machine – and Glam Lab got the inside scoop.

  • Foot Detox Pads: What's the Deal? - They've blown up on social media with photos of once clean white patches, covered in black sludge by morning. Glam Lab breaks down how they actually work and if this beauty trend is really for your health … or just a hoax.

  • Would You Try the Vampire Facial? - WARNING: Glam Lab gets bloody with the vampire facial! This facial promises to boost collagen and regenerate new skin cells by injecting your face with your own blood.

Out of Office

We are currently "Out of Office." Three little words never looked so good. Escape the workplace to explore the most interesting vacation spots in the world. From five-star resorts to amusement parks, this series takes you via plane, train or automobile to locations across the globe and the journey is all part of the experience. Whether it's relaxing in the backyard or atop a mountain snow coaster, take a moment to explore your options and hopefully get out of the office!

  • Vacation Like a Movie Star at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel - Dream of vacationing like a movie star? The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles is literally steps from the historic TLC Chinese Theater and offers luxurious rooms with views of the Hollywood Walk of Fame™ and even a secret theater!

  • Escape to Monarch Beach Resort's Private Beach Club - Where can you eat tantalizing seafood, take a surfing lesson and even get up close with falcons? Not in your office, of course! Head to Monarch Beach Resort's new beach club to experience the ultimate out-of-office vacation.

Stroke of Genius (Premiere)

Finding the inspiration behind America's most talented artists, Localish premieres "Stroke of Genius" as it showcases the most aggressive artists in a wide range of cities across the nation. From graffiti artists to the fine arts or street musicians in Nashville to string quartets in the hallowed halls of the Met, talent is bustling everywhere. Genius knows no bounds and this is just the series to explore and share it.

  • Eco Artists Make Mother Nature Their Canvas - Kapu Collective is the brainchild of two brothers: street artist Sean "Hula" Yoro and photographer Gabe "Kapu" Yoro. Together, they make breathtaking eco-murals that not only bring awareness to environmental issues but are also eco-friendly.

About Localish

"Localish," a digital native lifestyle brand from ABC Owned Television Stations featuring locally sourced yet nationally relevant stories which target a younger audience, debuted its broadcast home on Feb. 17, 2020. In Localish's first year, ABC's owned stations produced over 700 pieces of digital video, totaling more than 240 million video views, with 65% of its audience under the age of 44. Most recently honored with the 2019 Innovator Award – the highest distinction among TVNewsCheck's annual Social Media Excellence Awards – Localish was credited for its forward-minded ideas, sleek execution and all-around positive impact. As a broadcast network, Localish expanded its short-form series of local storytelling into long-form programming to reach approximately 14 million households across America. The brand also continues to debut stories on localish.com, ABC digital platforms and social media platforms, as it transcends city limits and inspires its audience to live like a local wherever they are.

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