The Official Siren Music Guide

The Official Siren Music Guide

Dive into the mystifying world of Bristol Cove with the official Siren music guide. Check out the tracks from each episode below.

Siren Official Spotify playlist:

Episode 10: Aftermath

  1. 'Cry No More' by Vaults
  2. 'Mercury & Lightning' by John Mark McMillan

Episode 9: Street Fight

  1. 'Take 'Em Down' by Whissell

Episode 8: Being Human

  1. 'Come and Find Me' by John Lucas
  2. 'Weight' by Lee DeWyze
  3. 'The Heart Is a Muscle' by Gang of Youths
  4. 'Jay & the Coyote' by Korey Dane
  5. 'A Break in the Waves' by The Veils
  6. 'Go Head (Donnie Daydream Remix)' by Rocstrong
  7. 'Who We Are' by Welshly Arms
  8. 'Deal For Yourself' by Faustus
  9. 'Black Smoke Rising' by Greta Van Fleet

Episode 7: Dead in the Water

  1. 'Riot' by Camino
  2. 'Wake Me Up, I'm Drowning' by Noah Gundersen

Episode 6: Showdown

  1. 'Pedro' by St. Francis Hotel
  2. 'Grace Fulmer' by When The Darkness Comes

Episode 5: Curse of the Starving Class

  1. 'Do Your Thing' by WOLFF

Episode 4: On the Road

  1. 'Break Apart' by Bonobo Feat. Rhye
  2. 'Midnight' by Blue Stones
  3. 'Enemies' by Hawk Eyes

Episode 3: Interview With A Mermaid

  1. 'I Feel the Love' by Sly & the Family Stallone
  2. 'Closer' by POWERS
  3. 'Shakedown' The Score
  4. 'Higher' by Mondo Cozmo
  5. 'Sweat Shock' by J. Roddy Walston & The Business

Episode 2: The Lure

  1. 'Open Your Eyes' by Tyler Blackburn
  2. 'Highway Tune' by Greta Van Fleet
  3. 'Start A Riot' by Flint Eastwood

Episode 1: Pilot

  1. 'Make It' by The Run Up
  2. 'Lonesome City' by The Black Canyon Gang
  3. 'twentyfourseven' by Kasabian
  4. 'Cold Feet' by Fink
  5. 'Angel of the Morning' by Juice Newton

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