Goldbergs '80s Movie Moments!

Goldbergs '80s Movie Moments!

Break out the bonsai trees and get ready kick up some big laughs as The Goldbergs pays tribute to The Karate Kid flicks WEDNESDAY MARCH 1 8|7c! Inspired by young Daniel LaRusso and the wise Mr. Miyagi, Adam and the other Adam Goldberg face off in a karate match to settle once and for all a long-standing feud. Barry and Adam go to Uncle Marvin for training, but the only thing they learn is how to clean an apartment. The Karate Kid joins the list of totally awesome '80s flicks that have been celebrated on the show. We thought it would be fun to revisit some of those laughs from the past to prep for the upcoming episode. Anyone interested in seeing some pretty hilarious clips pronto? Anyone? Anyone? Check out some of our favorite Goldbergs '80s Movie Moments now before Adam kicks into action on The Goldbergs Karate Kid episode WEDNESDAY, MARCH 1 8|7c only on ABC!

Goldberg… Goldberg…: Barry Goldberg is no Ferris Bueller, but nobody seems to mind. Watch him "Twist & Shout" to the delight of everyone around, including his mom and dad.

Oh, Baby: Nobody puts Erica Goldberg in a corner.

Time of Your Life, Kid: When Barry does his best Risky Business impression; Beverly scolds him for endangering himself by "Tom Cruising" the floor.

Inconceivable!: Adam Goldberg is in over his head during his second fencing match. He asks Pops and Murray for coaching. Adam remembers what inspired him to take up fencing in the first place, The Princess Bride.

Preda-Mom: Learning Barry twisted his ankle, Beverly teams up with Adam in the haunted house. Adam finds Dana's ring, while Bev rescues Barry and Erica, saving the day.

Who Ya Gonna Call?: Pops, of course!

Take the Rest of the Day Off: Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. So let's take a look at a few more clips from "Barry Goldberg's Day Off."

The Goldbergs airs WEDNESDAYS 8|7c only on ABC!

Barry Gets His Shoes|Murray gives Barry the shoes he wished for.|Barry displays his basketball prowess after receiving the pair of shoes that will prepare him for professional basketball.

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