GH Recap: Julian Kills Carlos Rivera: Week of May 9th

What an exciting week! Until you can watch the full episodes catch up now!  Last week, Carlos started a commotion by stabbing Dante in the neck with a pen.  The van almost hit Jason (who is riding on his motorcycle, note his helmet is on, which ultimately saves his life). 

Watch the accident now:

After being thrown off his bike, Jason awakes to find the other guys in bad shape and must work delicately yet quickly to try to pry the van off Dante  In his time of need, Jason is visited by images of Robin, Carly, Sonny & Jason will finally open the way for Jason’s memories to come racing back. 

Will Robin's visit help Jason's memories come back? Wath now:

GH Spoiler: Can Robin Help Jason?|Will Robin's visit help Jason's memories come back?|As he struggles to survive, Jason is visited by images of Robin, Carly, Sonny & Sam. Will these important people from the past help jog Jason's memory? Don't miss an all new episode of General Hospital weekdays on ABC.

Later, Nathan comes out of the woods and explains that the impact of the crash blew open the doors and Carlos escaped.  Nathan collapses from his injuries and is raced to GH.

Meanwhile, Jason will find Sam at Alexis’s house.  He tells her he remembers.  He remembers everything. Finally, Jason has his memory back!

Watch Jason share emotional news with Sam:

Jason Remembers His Past|Jason shares emotional news with Sam.|Jason finds Sam and quickly reports that Carlos got away. Sam is worried about his condition but Jason insists he's better than fine. Jason tells her he remembers everything. Don't miss an all new episode of General Hospital weekdays on ABC.

Later, Anna confronts Carlos at the pie and the two argue. Carlos pistol whips Anna over the head when she kneels down to try to help him. He stuffs Anna in a container and make a desperate call to Julian to help him.

Julian arrives with money for Carlos. They share an emotional farewell. When they embrace, Julian stabs Carlos in the gut. Later Michael walks by and despite everything that has gone down, attempts to save Carlos whose life hangs in the balance.

Meanwhile, Anna, hallucinates Duke. They have a joyful reunion, Anna telling him about his son. She confesses that she made a mess of things. He assures her that she's going to be alright. She realizes she's losing oxygen. She asks Duke to help her...but he's gone.

Watch Duke's Visit with Anna:

Anna is later rescued thanks to Andre who had a hunch where she might be

Across town, Dillon finds Nina alone at Crimson and discovers she's staying there after her break-up with Franco. Kiki arrives to beg Nina to go home to Franco. He's a wreck without her. Nina refuses, but it's clear she misses him. Later, a naked Franco makes a plea to Nina to take him back, fix their relationship once and for all.  Just as the two are beginning to talk, Julian interrupts and kicks Franco out. (Julian needing to establish an alibi via Nina).

At GH, the reveal that Griffin is a priest is made real as he offers the sacrament of Last Rites to Carlos. After the initial stunned reaction of Sonny and Anna, the more pressing issue of Carlos dying without giving up any real information on Julian (for Anna and Sonny) and Sabrina (for Sonny & Michael) comes to the fore.  Griffin offers to help Anna through the process of forgiveness and she angrily states that she doesn’t need a priest before storming out and leaving him alone.

Watch Carlos Die:


Meanwhile, Alexis is despondent at the thought of how deceptive Julian has been in regards to his ongoing involvement with Carlos. Julian continues to vehemently deny he was involved in Carlos’s stabbing and then Jordan arrives and tells them it’s now a murder charge. The murder weapon unfound, Alexis looks at the Helena knife and makes a (correct) assumption. She confronts Julian, knife in hand.


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