The Businesses and Products from Season 13, Episode 24 of Shark Tank

The Businesses and Products from Season 13, Episode 24 of Shark Tank

Kevin Hart – actor, investor and entrepreneur – brings his unique perspective and desire to inspire the country's sharpest entrepreneurs this week on "Shark Tank." An entrepreneur from Wellington, Florida, introduces his line of health products using nature's most powerful superfood. Former college students from Chicago, Illinois, pitch their online marketplace designed to help current and past college athletes cash in on their fame; while a professional boxer from Houston, Texas, steps into the ring and presents his all-in-one total body fitness tool designed to take your workouts to the next level. A vegan entrepreneur from San Antonio, Texas, presents his plant-based approach to a fast-food favorite.


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The Transformation Factory
The Transformation Factory is a black-owned and operated business founded by entrepreneur Alexiou Gibson. The brand features a line of health products using nature's most powerful superfood which contains essential minerals for the human body.  It's the premier source for wildcrafted Sea Moss gels in raw and fruit flavors along with Sea moss capsules, and raw wildcrafted Irish sea moss to make your own gels at home. The Transformation Factory is Alexiou's vehicle for encouraging others to find their journey to become the best version of themselves.

The Players Trunk
Founded in 2020 by a group of former college athletes and team student managers, The Players Trunk is a platform for athletes to sell their game worn gear, merchandise, autographed collectables and trading cards to passionate fans.

Aqua Boxing Glove
The patent pending Aqua Boxing Glove is the only weighted boxing glove powered by H20! The internal movement of the water ensures your Aqua Boxing Gloves work harder when you do, so you burn more calories in less time. Choose the most natural and beneficial option for shadowboxing and resistance training made by a real professional fighter. Order your pair of Aqua Boxing Gloves today to start knocking out workouts of all kinds!

Project Pollo
Project Pollo offers fast food vegan chicken while providing sustainable products, environmentally friendly packaging, above livable wages, and an experience that doesn't sacrifice quality for affordability. We are positioned to change the face of consumption by offering affordable access to plant-based alternatives that do better by the planet, the people and the pollo.

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