Localish Stories That Will Make You Smile

Localish Stories That Will Make You Smile

Localish is about celebrating the positive stories that celebrate the good in our local communities across America. Here are just a few of our favorites this week!

This man turned his garage into free food pantry for anyone in need

I don't think anyone should have to worry about where their next meal is coming from," said Barney Corrigan.

Working as a caterer in the foodservice industry, he lost his scheduled jobs when the COVID-19 pandemic hit close to home. It didn't take long for Corrigan, 42, to decide to make a difference. He propped up a small wooden shelf on his front lawn and led the initiative to fill it with free food. And soon, kindness spread through the neighborhood like wildfire.

11-year-old entrepreneur starts car cleaning business

He may be too young to drive, but 11-year-old Jabre Dutton has taken the wheel on his economic future. Earlier this month, he started a car cleaning business based out of Philadelphia. Even though the soon-to-be seventh-grader did most of the hard work, he gives a lot of credit to his mom."I look up to her a lot," he said. "She's been teaching me since I was a kid, since I was little since I was born!"Jabre, who turns 12 later this week, is wise beyond his years. His mom says she never has to push him to pave his own road in the world.

Meet the 'Cheesecake Lady' and her amazing desserts

It's hard to believe that someone known as 'The Cheesecake Lady' didn't even try cheesecake until she was in her thirties, but Vanessa Jackson has been making and selling miniature cheesecakes for going on twenty years now. People line up around the block outside her Elkins Park outpost to try any of the 40 flavors she and her daughters make fresh and sell until they're gone. With COVID-19 precautions, there's a limit of three customers in the store at a time and a limit of three cakes for each customer. She posts to Instagram when they're all sold out, so check out their page before you head over.

90-year-old "Miracle Man" knocks out COVID-19

Some are calling him the "Miracle Man…" because 90-year-old Enzo Carnaroli has defeated COVID-19. "I'm going to see him today and I'm going to take him home," said his wife, Joan Carnaroli. "And that's all I care about."The emotional homecoming started at Riddle Hospital in Delaware County. Joan rushed her husband to the hospital once he woke up with a fever. But given their extreme precaution and self-quarantining, she thought it was only a urinary tract infection. 

After a long three weeks of uncertainty and loneliness, the loving couple has finally reunited. Thanks to a courageous spirit and a team of talented nurses with Mainline Health, Enzo scored a figurative K.O. in his most recent frightening fight.

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