The Businesses and Products from Season 14, Episode 21 of Shark Tank

The Businesses and Products from Season 14, Episode 21 of Shark Tank

First into the Tank are entrepreneurs from Santa Monica, California, who introduce their freeze-dried miracle berries which magically make any sour food taste sweet this week on Shark Tank. Next into the Tank is an entrepreneur from Trumbull, Connecticut, who created their inclusive clothing brand founded on a mission to normalize mental health; while a stay-at-home dad from New York City hopes to make meal-time fun with his edible product that encourages children to be creative while they eat. Last into the Tank are siblings from Dallas who pitch their line of headwraps, made to protect and promote healthy hair while eliminating friction.

In a "Shark Tank" update, Justin Baer from Bethesda, Maryland, talks about their clothing company, Collars & Co, a line of high-quality polo shirts whose growth has skyrocketed since partnering with Sharks Mark Cuban and Peter Jones, securing over 8.7 million in sales.

The Sharks in this episode are Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Daymond JohnLori Greiner, and Kevin O'Leary.

Nature's Wild Berry
Nature's Wild Berry is the secret to transforming sour, tart, and acidic flavors into sweet sensations! Experience freeze-dried miracle berries with unparalleled freshness and potency. Elevate your culinary adventures and make healthy foods irresistible!

See The Way I See
SEE THE WAY I SEE is a brand raising awareness for mental health, and providing a supportive community where everyone feels seen and heard. While also reassuring others that they're not alone through their signature, reassuring reminders on the sleeves of sweatshirts. They also believe in empowering individuals of all sizes, carrying an inclusive size range of XXS-6XL. As part of their dedication, they also donate a percentage of all sales to various mental health organizations. Join the conversation and community online @seethewayisee!

Noshi makes kids' food products that are designed to be used by the kids themselves. Our launch product was organic Food Paint™ - tubes of different-colored organic fruit puree that kids can use to paint pictures on their food and then eat (goes great on pancakes and waffles!). We also just launched Sketchup™, organic kids' ketchup in tubes. All the research says the same thing: If you give kids more responsibility in the preparation of their food, either in the kitchen or at the table, they're far more likely to eat it. Our products are sold in Walmart stores nationwide, on Amazon and via our own website. These aren't niche or novelty, they're just condiments that happen to be fun to use! And kids LOVE them!

You Go Natural
You Go Natural makes stylish turbans and hair accessories that protect hair and make haircare more accessible.

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