Shark Tank Holiday Gift Guide

Shark Tank Holiday Gift Guide

Need help with great Christmas gift ideas? Just dive into the Shark Tank's ample list of products. Whether you're shopping for gourmet foodies, your significant other or that hard-to-please neighbor or coworker, here are some suggestions that are sure to please.



Wild Squirrel Nut Butter: Two college students’ peanut butter was so popular, they formed their own business, which is now called Wild Friends. Featured in episode 314. More info: 

The Painted Pretzel: A great gift for anyone with a sweet tooth: Try their Ultimate Stocking Stuffer or Merry Christmas Gift Basket. Flavors include "aMMazing, a milk chocolate-coated pretzel topped with M&M's®." Featured in episode 306. More info:

A Perfect Pear: Among their gourmet offerings are Pear Chipotle Grill Sauce, Pear Vinegar, Spicy Ginger Pear Mustard and the ever-popular Cinnamon Pear Jelly. Featured in episode 102. More info:

Pork Barrel BBQ: Barbecue sauce and spice rubs made with all- natural ingredients and no preservatives or MSG. Featured in episode 106. More info:

Talbott Teas: These delicious premium teas happen to be among Oprah’s Ultimate Favorite Things, especially the Luscious Lemon Meringue Tea and Chocolate Almond Allure Tea. Featured in episode 305.

Wicked Good Cupcakes: These mail-order cupcakes are shipped in jars and last up to 10 days without refrigeration. Choose from various holiday flavors and create your own four pack for $28.95.  Featured in episode 423. More info:

MistoBox: Artisan coffees from around the world delivered to your door, such as the Joyeux Holiday Blend with notes of caramel, toffee, honey and baking spices. Featured in episode 424. More info:


Heart Pup's On Life Support|As Sharks drop out, little Trixie hopes her owner can still swing a deal.|As Anastasia Balyura does her best to talk her way into a deal, the Sharks start to feel like it might be a bit much to handle -- except for Daymond, but even he can barely get a word in. Oh, and by the way: Trixie's the dog's name. From Shark Tank's season 6 episode, "Week 2."


Heart Pup: Lets you carry your small dog in a hands-free tote and look good while doing it. Choose from the patented scarf sling (made of Italian cashmere wool) luxe leather stud collars, cross body leashes, dog harness shirts, and more. Featured in episode 603. More info:

Ryan's Barkery: Treat your dog to grain-free, all-natural treats in the following flavors: Pumpkin-Apple, Cheddar or Peanut Butter. Featured in episode 426. More info:

Kane & Couture: If money is no object for your furry friend, try these designer items, such as a golden “Goddess Collar” for $39 or a Pearl and Crystal Collar for $80. Aspen Sweaters are currently on sale for just $14 in a variety of colors. Featured in episode 503. More info:


Success Story: Tipsy Elves|Who knew ugly holiday sweaters mean big business?|Who knew ugly holiday sweaters could mean big business? Well, Shark Robert Herjavec, obviously -- which is why he invested in Tipsy Elves in Season 5. See how they're doing this year with his guidance in this update from Shark Tank's Season 6 episode, "Week 9."


Tipsy Elves: Who doesn't love these trendy ugly Christmas sweaters? On sale now: Men's Frosty the Nose Thief Sweater, Men’s T-Rex Sweater, and Women’s Happy Birthday Jesus Sweater, all marked down from $64.95 to $49.95. More info:

Nubrella: A hands-free umbrella you wear back-pack-style that protects you and your devices.The site is currently running a 40% discount for an early 2015 delivery. More info:

Happy Feet: Warm someone's heart – and feet – with these fuzzy slippers. Holiday designs include "Santa Paws" dog, "Fleece Navidad" sheep, "Duck the Halls" and "Mistle Toad" for $29.95. Featured in episode 523. More info:

Biaggi Luggage: Cut down on the travel hassle with Biaggi, the foldable, easily stored luggage. Use the code "Sharktank20" and receive 20% off your order, plus free shipping! More info:

Sun-staches: Make 'em laugh with these hilarious novelty sunglasses, available in (just a few examples): Pirate, Googly-eyes, “Censored” or “American Trucker” versions for $12.99. More info:


Bottle Breacher

These bottle openers made from .50-cal bullets are in such high demand, they won’t be able to ship by Christmas, but you can still buy a gift certificate for your favorite wine and ammo-loving dude. More info:

Beatbox Beverages: Have boxed wine delivered to your door! Just $49.98 for a “Shark Tank Party Pack” of either Blue Razzberry Lemonade or Cranberry Limeade. More info:

Hydromax: The first hydration system specifically designed for full-contact sports like football, lacrosse and soccer that lets you keep playing without stopping to rehydrate. Featured in episode 221.

Grinds: A more palatable alternative to chewing tobacco that’s made from ground coffee and comes in Cinnamon Roll, Mint Chocolate, Mocha, Peppermint, and Vanilla. Featured on episode 415.

ShellBobbers: The fishermen in your life will love ShellBobbers, a shotgun shell converted into a fishing bobber. The company has now expanded to more products as part of their FishingAmmo brand. Featured on episode 423. More info:

Liddup: Why didn’t someone think of this before? A cooler with interior LED lighting. A must-have for tailgaiting, camping, BBQs and more. Featured in episode 421. More info:

Grill Charms: Keep track of individual orders when you're grilling with these stainless steel tags that identify different cooking specifications. Label those steaks as rare, medium, or different spices or flavors. A six-piece set starts at $10.89 on Amazon. More info:


Success Story: Grace and Lace|The accessory company flourishes with Barabara's help.|Season 5 fashion sock company Grace and Lace visits the offices of Cosmopolitan magazine with Barbara's help. See how they're doing in this clip from Shark Tank's season 6 episode, "Week 6."


Grace and Lace: Order these pretty boot socks, leg warmers, boot cuffs and arm warmers for women or girls: Even babies can wear Itty Bitty Lil Lacey Leg Warmers. More info:

Red Dress Boutique: Celebrate the holidays with outfits like the “Ring In The New Year Dress,” “Life Of The Party Dress,” “Babe In Toyland Coat” or “Feeling Festive Leggings.” Now offering 10% off your first purchase and free shipping on orders over $50. More info:

Aldo Orta Jewelry: Offers mass market versions of custom jewelry, such as a Fleur De Lis Ring starting at $90. Featured in episode 223. More info:

Kisstixx: These yummy flavored mix-and-match lip balm in flavors like Strawberry & Chocolate, Strawberry Daiquiri & Pina Colada and Peaches & Cream. Makes a great stocking stuffer at just $5.99. Available at Walgreen’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, K-Mart and more. Featured in episode 307. More info:

Gameday Couture: Finally, fashionable sports team wear for women, who can attend their favorite college games in style instead of oversized, run-of-the-mill jerseys. Featured in episode 611. More info:

Simple Sugars: Just in time for the holidays, try the Candy Cane body scrub that exfoliates with energizing peppermint essential oil. Makes a perfect stocking stuffer at $11.95. Featured in episode 420. More info:



Paper Box Pilots

Paper Box Pilots Flying High|The 13-year-old CEO has three offers on the table.|With offers from Barbara, Kevin, and Robert on the table, 13-year-old Noah Cahoon must decide which offer will be best for Paper Box Pilots, which sells sticker kits that turn cardboard boxes into kids' toys. From Shark Tank's season 6 episode, "Week 3."


These stickers transform any ordinary box into an airplane, race car and fire engine. Offering a Shark Tank 3-Pack special for just $20. More info:

Villy Custom Bikes

Shark Tank Success Story: Villy Custom|See how the Season 3 custom bike-maker has fared with Barbara and Mark.|Owner Fleetwood Hicks explains how Season 3 custom bike-maker Villy Custom has fared with investment and guidance from Barbara and Mark. From Shark Tank's season 6 episode, "Week 2."


Every kid loves bikes. You can splurge on a $500 gift certificate or go for an “All Good in the Hood” T-shirts for $39 or a “My Bicycle is my BFF” bell for $11. More info:

This innovative toy goes way beyond Barbie’s Dream House. It offers a unique blend of building, circuits, design, crafts and creativity that teaches kids while they assemble rooms with motor and light circuits and modular furniture building pieces. Available at Toys R Us, Walmart, and RadioShack. More info:

This bendable construction toy is limited only by your child’s imagination. Each kit comes with 78 pieces, enough to build a tower 6 feet tall!. Shipping is $5. Featured on episode 114. More info:

M3 Girl Designs 
Two sisters – 12 and 16 – founded this jewelry line for kids customized bottle caps for kids. Featured on episode 305.

The skateboard that rides like a surfboard! You can order through Dec. 23 and still get delivery by Christmas. Featured on episode 504. More info:

This subscription service for children's books makes it easy for parents to find book and app recommendations based age, relevant topics, and characters' backgrounds. In 2014, they launched a new Premium services that offers even more personalized recommendations. Featured in epsiode 525. More info:

Cozy Bug
Your money not only buys cute dresses, leggings, and jackets, but 10 percent of each purchase goes to help women and children of the Congo. So far, according to the site, they have donated 1600 chickens and 1400 cows. Featured in episode 405. More info:



Success Story: Breathometer|See how the company is doing with help from all five Sharks.|Breathometer got investment money from all five Sharks last season. See how the company is doing and check out their new product. From Shark Tank's season 6 episode, "Week 5."


Transform your smartphone into a Breathalyzer! Simply attach to the headphone port on your smartphone and launch the Breathometer App to determine your blood alcohol concentration. More info:

Kronos Golf Clubs: These top-of-the-line, hand-crafted precision golf clubs are “designed specifically to balance on the sight line on the center of gravity,” in other words, vastly improve your game. More info:

Origaudio: These innovative portable speakers and "Designears" eadphones let you design your own portable music system. Gift cards start at $20. More info:

UniKey: Control your door locks with your smartphone! The free UniKeyTM mobile allows you to set up your Kevo lock, send, disable or delete eKeys, and (if you don’t have a smartphone,) manage Kevo fobs. Order online via Apple, Amazon, Best Buy, Home Depot and more. Featured in episode 315. More info:

SoundBender: This nifty device directs sound from iPad speakers towards the user with stereo-like enhancement. Now just $17.99. Featured in episode 414. More info:

iLumi: This versatile home lighting system is controlled from your smartphone: You just need an iLumi smartbulb and the iLumi app. Featured in episode 525. More info:

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