Behind the Scenes of "The Bachelor" 2024: Week 2

Behind the Scenes of "The Bachelor" 2024: Week 2

With the women moved into the mansion, Joey's first group date gives several of the 22 remaining ladies the chance to experience their own wedding reception. The stakes are higher than ever as the "brides" compete for an intimate first dance with Bachelor Joey Graziadei, set to the smooth vocals of Michael Bolton. Next, Joey and one lucky lady fly off to the Beach Life Music Festival for the first one-on-one date of the season, featuring a performance by Bahamas! Later, with the help of Bachelor Nation alumni Demi Burnett and Jubilee Sharpe, Joey determines which women have the courage and endurance to be his long-term partner in a paintball battle. It's still early, but with rumors starting to swirl, tensions begin to erupt amongst the women. Watch "The Bachelor" season 28, episode 2 online now, and read on for some of the sights and sounds from the episode!

As Featured On: "The Bachelor" Week 2

Westlake Village Inn

Hummingbird Nest

Savanna Rooftop Venue by Royva

Above: Casual time at the Bachelor Mansion

Above: Daisy and Chrissa relax before the cocktail party

Above: Autumn, Allison and Lea get dinner ready for the house

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