GH Recap: A Witness to Duke's Murder Comes Forward: Week of April 25th

What an exciting week! Until you can watch the full episodes catch up now! 

Sam and Obrecht intervene on the Jason /Franco conflict, but not before Jason experiences a strange sensation of memory harkening back to his attempt at doing Franco in.  

Watch things between Franco & Jason get heated: 

Later, Jason and Sam head out of town to get some breathing room, unaware they are being watched and followed. They discover evidence that they were watched last night.

Alexis and Julian celebrate, believing the case against Carlos will soon be dismissed. Unbeknownst to them, Jordan is at that moment interviewing a man who claims to have witnessed Duke’s murder.

Meanwhile, Ava seeks out Julian for confirmation that her troubles with her former colleagues are at an end. Julian reveals to Ava that he has resumed his role as head of the family. Julian hears about the witness from Alexis. Ava reminds Julian of her previous advice: His problem will only be solved when Carlos is dead. Julian can think of another solution, and tasks it to Hammer. Julian calls Hammer and tells him he has name and address of witness and Hammer’s job just got easier: the guy’s a drug addict.

Kristina has gone to the Freedman Clinic to visit with Morgan and meets a handsome guy who is also there to visit a loved one. At first, she thinks he’s a patient and they have some light banter about it, the guy clearly attracted to her. Across town, Dillon and Kiki deal with the flat tire and talk more. While Morgan tells Kris that he’s going to get well and be there for Kiki, we see Kiki getting back on her feet and feeling more normal – and getting closer to Dillon in the meantime.

After Hayden and Curtis discuss how she should take Nikolas’s $5 million and run, she goes to the Hub and Tracy fires her, pro forma from ELQ. Tracy’s rage against her doesn’t wane, but they end up commiserating about their fathers.

In other news, Michael is in the doghouse with Sonny when they clash over the former’s continued search for Sabrina. Michael gets an earful from Carlos, who divulges he and Sabrina are married.  Carlos makes a deal with Michael: break him out of here and he'll tell him where Sabrina is. 

Maxie has an ulterior motive as she begins planning her wedding: Dig up more information on Nathan’s past with Claudette. Perturbed Nathan sees through Maxie; his reaction to her persistence causes her to back off… and to redirect her efforts to Sam, whom she hires to get the goods on Claudette. 

At GH, Obrecht is demoted from her position as Chief of Staff. Monica takes over, thanks in part to Tracy. As her first act of business, she offers a job to Finn.

Finn takes the job – but only after receiving assurance of a certain degree of autonomy. Later Finn tells Carly that he’ll be staying on in Port Charles. Their conversation turns to Josslyn. Carly confides in Finn her goal of identifying Josslyn’s kidney donor.

Meanwhile, Anna is arraigned today.  Andre makes an emotional and effective appeal for her freedom.  The judge is swayed and grants Anna bail. Anna, moved by Andre, embraces him - which Jordan sees.



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