Travel The World with National Geographic From The Comfort of Your Couch on and the ABC App

Travel The World with National Geographic From The Comfort of Your Couch on and the ABC App

Exploring the world is an incredibly exciting experience, and thanks to National Geographic there's no need to travel to satisfy your wanderlust! Head to Egypt with Sir Ranulph Fiennes in "Egypt with the World's Greatest Explorer" to relive some of the iconic explorer's best moments, or join Bettany Hughes for "Ultimate Treasure Countdown" to indulge in some of the riches left by the Ancient Egyptians. For more historical adventures, you can explore the "Lost World of the Maya," an investigation into the famous civilization first established thousands of years ago. You can also join Gordon Ramsay as he traverses the culinary landscape of the UK and beyond in "Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted Showdown." Read on to explore some of nature's most stunning sights and the world's best-kept secrets in the incredible documentaries available on and the ABC app! 

If the diverse wildlife of Costa Rica fascinates you, "Untamed with Filipe DeAndrade" is essential viewing. Follow wildlife filmmaker Filipe DeAndrade and his friends as they uncover hummingbirds competing for food in the Talamanca Mountains, sea turtle hatchlings battling to reach the ocean, and an hourglass tree frog trying to find a mate. Fancy something more extreme? "Destination WILD" shows us how incredible wildlife and stunning scenery can be found everywhere in the world, from the demilitarized zone of Korea to the plains of Botswana. 

No matter what destination you've got in mind, we've got a documentary for you. "Egypt with the World's Greatest Explorer" sees the remarkable Sir Ranulph Fiennes revisiting some of his past adventures, most notably his incredible 1968 hovercraft Nile expedition. To explore more of the African continent, "Africa's Wild Side" is an in-depth insight into the unique wildlife that calls it home. From finding a mate to raising a family, "Africa's Wild Side" demonstrates just how tough it can be to survive in a world full of danger. Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, you can immerse yourself in Māori culture in "New Zealand: Welcome and Wonder," and witness the breathtaking scenery that New Zealand has to offer. 

Can't decide what to have for dinner? Cook up some inspiration alongside world-famous chef Gordon Ramsay in "Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted Showdown" as he explores the culinary landscape of the English coast and the wilds of Wales. From milking buffalo to jumping off cliffs in search of seaweed, Chef Ramsay gets hands-on in his journey to find the most exciting ingredients the UK has to offer. Throw in a dash of competition as he heads to Costa Rica for a showdown with his daughter Tilly, and you have a recipe for perfect viewing.  

Of course, vacations aren't always just about the here and now, and our historical nature documentaries unearth some of the most fascinating secrets nature has held for thousands of years. In "Lost World of the Maya," cutting-edge technology makes it possible to explore the hidden religious and cultural center of the Mayan civilization. With over 60,000 structures exposed in this sophisticated metropolis, this documentary asks the ultimate question – how did such an advanced society fail? If you can't get enough of investigating these hidden treasures, the ancient world is a treasure trove of riches. Learn about the wealth of the pharaohs in "Ultimate Treasure Countdown," featuring everything from the story of Cleopatra to the remains of King Tut himself.

To discover more about the incredible world we live in, you can check out all these intriguing National Geographic documentaries on and the ABC app now! 

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