ABC News Studios Announces Four New Hulu Exclusive True-Crime Docu-Series

ABC News Studios Announces Four New Hulu Exclusive True-Crime Docu-Series

This summer, ABC News Studios expands its collection of gripping true-crime docu-series by unveiling four captivating narrative nonfiction titles, streaming exclusively on Hulu: "The Ashley Madison Affair," "Betrayal: The Perfect Husband," "Mother Undercover" and "Demons and Saviors." ABC News Studios, inspired by ABC News' trusted reporting, is a premium, narrative nonfiction original production house and commissioning partner of series and specials. ABC News Studios champions untold and authentic stories driving the cultural zeitgeist spanning true-crime, investigations, pop culture and news-adjacent stories. ABC News Studios' original titles include critically acclaimed documentaries "Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields," "The Lady Bird Diaries," "Aftershock" and "The Murders Before the Marathon" as well as compelling docu-series, including "Killing County," "Wild Crime," "Death in the Dorms" and "Mormon No More."

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"THE ASHLEY MADISON AFFAIR" (Friday, July 7): "The Ashley Madison Affair" is a three-part, explosive docu-series exploring the unbelievable rise and fall of the scandalous and notorious dating platform Ashley Madison. As internet dating began to take off in the early 2000s, one dating site catering to extramarital affairs violated all conventions. This series explores the shameless marketing tactics that not only caught the attention of its intended audience but also a group of hackers known as The Impact Team. The docu-series tells the story of the hackers' unmet demand, a data breach, and the catastrophic fallout. Upon the exposé-style demise of Ashley Madison, the public soon discovered that perhaps the site's unfaithful users were not the only ones with a secret. 

"The Ashley Madison Affair" is produced by Wall to Wall Media and ABC News Studios. Jeremy Dear and Fred Hepburn are executive producers for Wall to Wall Media. For ABC News Studios, David Sloan is the senior executive producer, and Beth Hoppe is the executive producer.

"BETRAYAL: THE PERFECT HUSBAND" (Tuesday, July 11): Based on the hit podcast "Betrayal," "Betrayal: The Perfect Husband" is a love story gone terribly wrong. Jen Faison says she thought she had found her happy ending with her college sweetheart, a beloved high school teacher named Spencer Herron. However, their seemingly perfect life implodes one spring afternoon when Faison discovers that behind her fairytale romance was a web of lies, affairs and criminal sexual assault. The program features emotional interviews with multiple women who say they were involved with Herron and the one student who put an end to the twisted teacher's reign of sexual improprieties. This three-part series is a tale of earth-shattering discoveries, a victim's bravery, and a woman's quest to reclaim her life against all odds. 

"Betrayal: The Perfect Husband" is produced by Glass Entertainment and ABC News Studios. Nancy Glassand Jon Hirsch are executive producers for Glass Entertainment. For ABC News Studios, David Sloan is the senior executive producer, Wendy Krantz is senior producer, and Eileen Murphy is senior editorial producer. "Betrayal," the podcast, is produced by Glass Podcasts in partnership with iHeartPodcasts.

"MOTHER UNDERCOVER" (Thursday, July 27): The gripping new four-part docu-series, "Mother Undercover," tells the tales of four courageous mothers on a mission to save or get justice for their children. Across four captivating episodes, audiences will witness the extraordinary lengths mothers will go to protect their children. In incidents of murder, international kidnapping, mass suicide and judicial corruption, these four mothers transform into undercover detectives, mounting covert operations and taking matters into their own hands. The series showcases the strength and resilience of these women who give new meaning to the saying "a mother's love knows no bounds." 

"Mother Undercover" is produced by Pioneer Productions and ABC News Studios. Thomas Viner and Rachel Morgan are executive producers for Pioneer Productions. For ABC News Studios, David Sloan is the senior executive producer, and Beth Hoppe is the executive producer.

"DEMONS AND SAVIORS" (Thursday, Aug. 3): The three-part series "Demons and Saviors" tells the remarkable story of Christina Boyer-- once infamously known as the "poltergeist girl," now a woman convicted of murdering her three-year-old daughter. Thirty years into a life sentence, Christina still proclaims her innocence. The series follows a group of amateur sleuths who have become consumed by their obsession to exonerate her. Exploring Christina's troubled upbringing, her alleged telekinetic abilities, and the questions that remain about the death of her daughter, "Demons and Saviors" investigates what is the conspiracy and what is the truth.

"Demons and Saviors" is produced by Latchkey Films and ABC News Studios. For Latchkey Films, Alex Waterfield is the series director and executive producer, Rochelle Widdowson serves as co-director and producer, and Tim Clancy, Jackie Jesko and Nick Capote are executive producers. For ABC News Studios, David Sloan is the senior executive producer, and Muriel Pearson is executive producer. 

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