Keep SharkFest Swimming With All This Free to Watch Content on and the ABC App

Keep SharkFest Swimming With All This Free to Watch Content on and the ABC App

This summer, SharkFest exploded onto your screens with a host of jaw-some content for your viewing pleasure. The 10th annual SharkFest may be over, but here at, we're continuing the festivities with a boatload of free content, just for you. With our collection of specials and series, you can discover the mysterious side of Maui tiger sharks in "Maui Shark Mystery," learn about the all-encompassing diet of these petrifying predators in "Sharks That Eat Everything," or take a look at the cuter side of this often-feared animal with "Baby Sharks." Whether sharks fascinate you or terrify you, there's something for every shark fanatic to watch for free on and the ABC app. 

If you consider yourself a bit of a hammerhead-head, check out "World's Biggest Hammerhead?," which looks at an abnormally large hammerhead shark and tries to find out if it is the biggest of its kind. Or, you could watch "Shark Side of The Moon," which investigates hammerhead sharks and their surprising connection to the moon.

A plethora of information about sharks is already known, but more is still to be discovered. Are you intrigued by great white sharks? "Camo Sharks" is the show for you; watch along as shark experts try to decipher how this magnificent creature can alter its dermal skin cells and camouflage itself. If you're a fan of mysteries, uncover the intriguing world of Maui tiger sharks with "Maui Shark Mystery." You can learn more about the exceptional abilities of sharks, including their frightening speed and ferocious bite force in "Shark Superpower," or take a deep dive with leading shark scientists as they try to figure out the population figures of great white sharks in "Counting Jaws."

Feel free to discover the seldom-seen side of this often stigmatized animal with "Baby Sharks," and see how sharks grow and learn in this rather unique coming-of-age special. Or, you can also check out "Shark Queens," which looks at the dynamic between male and female sharks and asks, "are female sharks the rulers of the ocean?" If you want to see sharks like you never have before, take to the skies and watch unique drone footage of sharks living a little closer to shore than you might expect in "Sky Sharks."

Have you ever wondered, "would a shark eat this?" "Sharks That Eat Everything" may answer your question. Do you have a competitive streak? Then, the show for you is "Game of Sharks,"  the ultimate competition of sharks, pitting different species against each other. May the best shark win!

If shark attacks horrify you, but you can't bring yourself to look away, make sure to catch "Jaws vs. Boats," which shows a compilation of viral videos of sharks striking boats, along with commentary from shark experts trying to decipher why this phenomenon exists. Contrary to popular belief, sharks don't just lurk in the ocean; "Jaws Invasion" tells terrifying tales of sharks appearing in the most unexpected places - from swimming pools to golf courses. Watch if you dare.

If you want to binge through some investigative series examining shocking shark attacks, check out "When Sharks Attack" and "Shark Attack Files," two shows that attempt to understand sharks and figure out why these vicious attacks happen.

All this National Geographic content is available to watch now, for free, on and the ABC app.

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