Localish Wins Five Emmy Awards

Localish Wins Five Emmy Awards

This year, Localish is proud to announce an astounding five Emmy Award wins and two Emmy Award Nominations. Congratulations to the following producers for their hard work and endless dedication to storytelling.


"Music & Medicine"

Localish-WABC Producer Toby Hershkowitz followed the story of Iain Forrest, a 24-year-old cellist and New York City medical student who has taken to performing for the patients at Mount Sinai Hospital in his free time. Through his performances, Ian befriended former musician and current cancer patient Michael K. Brown at the hospital.

"Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in Color"

During the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s, most photographers shot in black and white as it was cheaper and the accepted way to get photos printed in newspapers. But in this powerfully informative piece, Localish-WLS producer Jayme Nicholas interviewed amateur photographer Bernard Klenia, who took some of the only color photographs of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. that exist today.

"80 and 90-Year-Old Seniors Weigh In on Dating"

In this hilarious piece, Localish-WLS producer Jayme Nicholas asked 80 and 90-year old seniors a series of questions on love, dating, and even their sex lives. The seniors answer with wit, charm, and heartfelt reflections on their lives, explaining important lessons they learned along the way.

"The Power of Music"

Localish-KTRK producer Chris Graczyk followed the life of Jason Liu, a young man who was diagnosed with Autism and Parkinson's disease. While he has difficulty communicating verbally with others, it's his passion for music that allows him to connect with others.

"Nicholson Hat Co."

Custom hat maker Keryn Nicholson, of Nicholson & Co, is only one of a dwindling number of custom, hand-made hat makers in the U.S. Localish-KFSN producer Tim Sarquis visited her workshop, capturing the beautiful process of creating a custom hat and learned how Keryn is keeping her art alive for the next generation.

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