Forever 31 Gets 2nd Installment: Watch Iliza Shlesinger's Adulting Moments

Forever 31 Gets 2nd Installment: Watch Iliza Shlesinger's Adulting Moments

Attention party goblins!  Iliza Shlesinger and friends will return on ABCd with all new episodes of the hit digital series Forever 31.  In this hilarious comedy, Iliza Shlesinger and her friends struggle with the indignities of dead-end jobs, hangovers, dating, infidelity and all the rest of the absurdities of modern adulthood. Binge watch Forever 31 now!

Iliza introduces us to her inner "Party Goblin" - the rotten part of your brain that drives you to drink too much and make poor choices - the leaves you high and dry when things get a little too real. Don't pretend like you don't have one, too.  

Meet the "Party Goblin" now! 

We've all been there: You have a massive meltdown on camera, it goes viral and your life is ruined. Iliza decides to take advantage of her newfound notoriety to launch her own web show.

See it from the Beginning!

But wait there is more! ABC Entertainment announced that it is ordering additional installments of I Can Find $3000 In Your Home, featuring eBay millionaire Linda Lightman; and Newborn Moms, created by and starring Aurora Browne and Nadine Djoury. Additionally, the network has acquired "American Koko," from Diarra Kilpatrick and Viola Davis' JuVEe Productions, and "I Like You Just the Way I Am, from New York Times best-selling author and actress Jenny Mollen. 

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