Listen to a New Original Song for ABC's A Million Little Things

Listen to a New Original Song for ABC's A Million Little Things

The new hit drama A Million Little Things will feature a new original song created specifically for this week's episode, "unexpected," which airs WEDNESDAY 10|9c on ABC. The song, titled "Unexpected," was written by talented composer Gabriel Mann, who is currently writing and producing songs and score for A Million Little Things, and was performed by LA-based music songwriter and producer Duvid Swirsky. "I just feel really lucky to have landed in a place where I can utilize all the things that I bring to the table: songs, singing, and score," says Mann. "[T]o be able to have an opportunity to work on something where they need and trust me to do all those things is such a treat, and I'm really thankful to the producers for that."

Listen and buy here: "unexpected," performed by Duvid Swirsky and Gabriel Mann, written by Gabriel Mann and Kyler England – on iTunes

In the upcoming episode "unexpected," Eddie (David Giuntoli), who has a rock 'n' roll past, wants to take the stage as a solo artist for the first time. Mann used the show's story as an opportunity to write a song that fits Eddie's current complicated situation: an unstable marriage, a tenuous grasp on sobriety, and an affair that has fizzled in the wake of his friend Jon's death. "It's basically a love song, albeit a bittersweet one, about how he was not expecting this kind of change in his life and although he is happy about it, his life is kind of falling apart at the same time," says Mann. "It's that dynamic of being in love with someone that you can't really have or be with, and being both overjoyed, and yet somewhat down because you can't really pursue the relationship the way you want to."

See Eddie playing the song in the episode here (video contains spoilers for Season 1, Episode 6 "unexpected"):

Mann is no stranger to ABC. He wrote the theme and currently composes for the award-winning hit comedy series Modern Family, now in its tenth season, and has also provided music or score for ABC's The Mayor, Dr. Ken, and more. He is currently a member of LA-based alternative rock band The Rescues, and has won numerous ASCAP Film and Television Awards, including 2015's highest performance credits overall. He was a part of the Lester Sills Songwriter Workshop, and participated in the ASCAP Songwriter Residency in partnership with America SCORES, in which he co-wrote and recorded a song with students at Braddock Elementary School.

Duvid Swirsky is a LA-based musician, songwriter and producer originally from Israel. He co-founded both the legendary Israeli band Moshav and the critically acclaimed folk/pop trio Distant Cousins. "When we were growing up, the only electrical appliance in the house was a record player," says Swirsky. "So while other kids might be growing up watching television and playing video games, we were listening to the records our parents brought with them—Bob Dylan, Van Morrison and Neil Young."

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