American Idol 2019 Week 2 Recap: Watch Audition Videos & Highlights

American Idol 2019 Week 2 Recap: Watch Audition Videos & Highlights

Auditions continue as American Idol Episode 3 delivers more incredibly talented singers and even more hilarious moments. From the surprise return of last season's fan-favorite Laine Hardy (whom judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie convince to take a golden ticket) to Katy getting lassoed while Luke plays the horse! For a quick recap of week 2, here are highlights you won't want to miss!

1. Laine's Back!

Last season fan-favorite Laine Hardy surprises the judges when he walks out to play guitar for his friend Ashton Gill's audition. Even though he said he wasn't going to audition this year, the judges weren't going to let him get away that easily. 

2. Katy Gets Lassoed

With Luke Bryan as his horse, 15-year-old contestant Austin Michael Robinson fulfills Katy Perry's request to be lassoed. Luke, however, doesn't get away unscathed. 

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3. This Is How We Do It

Katy Perry and Luke Bryan can't control themselves as Jake Puliti performs Montell Jordan's "This Is How We Do It," and bust out some killer dance moves (and breakdance moves)!

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4. #Blessed

25-year-old church janitor, Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon wows the judges with his original song "Almost Heaven." Lionel compares him to Billy Joel, Katy begs him to forgo his janitor duties and Luke offers up his loft in Nashville "you can just live there for a year."

The auditions keep rolling SUNDAYS 8|7c as American Idol's journey continues on America's network, ABC!

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