American Idol 2020 Episode 10 Recap: Top 20 Voting Starts After Final Performances

American Idol 2020 Episode 10 Recap: Top 20 Voting Starts After Final Performances

This is it, the American Idol episode that finalizes who makes the Top 20. With so many talented contestants in the Top 40, narrowing them down has been difficult for judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan -- and that leads to a first in Idol history. Host Ryan Seacrest and mentor Bobby Bones will guide us through the triumph, heartbreak, and shocking moments starting where we last left off: Is Dillon James in the Top 20?

Dillon sang "The Times They Are A-Changin'" by Bob Dylan for his final performance and was trying to stay present for every moment of his Idol journey. Lionel says that they've had to cut some great talent…the good news is he believes Dillon is an artist and the great news is he's in the Top 20. Dillon immediately starts crying. Katy says he's surrendered to not knowing and put his trust into something bigger than him, and it's paying off. All three judges give him a big hug. Dillon is very happy to be alive and never thought he'd be here, not just in Hawaii but making real friends (which he said he never had before).

Genavieve Linkowski picked "You Say" by Lauren Daigle for her final performance. She tells Bobby the song means a lot to her because she felt like she couldn't perform anymore after her sister Corrin had passed. She'd always been by her side. Genevieve adds that it's hard to be vulnerable but Bobby says the best artists can make people feel their emotions. He advises to take a moment and remember why she's here before her performance. On her way to find out her results, Genavieve says that whether she stays or goes, she's proud of that performance. Luke tells her they've seen her grow tremendously but last night he feels was the first time they didn't quite feel the connectivity she'd been delivering in previous rounds. It's at a point where you basically have to deliver that every night. He says that she can leave with so much talent and promise and keep chipping away, because she has the potential. Unfortunately, she does not have a spot in the Top 20. Katy says that she's so impressed by Genevieve's growth, and Lionel adds they're also impressed by her strength.

Franklin Boone is the next up to see the judges. He's been trying to make his dream of being a professional musician a reality for years. In the meantime, he's fostering other people's musical dreams as a teacher at the School of Rock. He chose "Daughters" by John Mayer and dedicated it to his daughter Zoe, who is in the audience. He sang the song at karaoke the night before he found out he was going to be a father so it holds a special place in his heart. Franklin feels he's right on the edge of making the cut, it could go either way. Katy says he's been inspiring his students, but is he really going after his dream? After a bit of dodging, she finally reveals that he has made the Top 20.

It's now time for Julia Gargano, who has been appreciating her time in Hawaii immensely, to hear her results. She sang "Glitter In The Air" by Pink for her final performance. She is proud of her performance, no matter what happens, and figures she'll either get good advice and go home or take the next step forward. After some discussion about her performance, including a bit of scratchiness towards the end which was a result of nerves, Luke tells her she's in the Top 20.

Aliana Jester is in Hawaii by herself…except not because her dad and stepmom surprised her by showing up! Happy for the support, she is still very nervous that she's going to be sent home and admits to the judges that she's freaking out on the inside. Lionel says that, from the first time they met her, she'd been a nervous wreck. She chose "This Is Me" from The Greatest Showman to sing, wearing a lovely sparkly jumpsuit, but didn't let nerves negatively affect her. Lionel tells her they put their hopes in people and sometimes they fail, but that's not Aliana. She has made the Top 20. She celebrates by immediately jumping into the pool with her dad and stepmom.

Sophia Wackerman brought her dad, brother James, and uncle with her on this trip. James has Fragile X Syndrome, which causes sensory overload and tends to involve lots anxiety. He is an excellent drummer, however, and they learned music side by side growing up. She sang "Levels" by Nick Jonas and hit a hair toss in the first few bars that left Katy with a shocked smile on her face. When Sophia sits in front of the judges, Luke tells her to take a breath. Katy says it was really cool to see her up her performance level and stage presence. She says Luke and Lionel didn't necessarily agree, which Lionel acknowledges as being thrown under the bus. But that, of course, was a feint to surprise Sophia with the news that she's made the Top 20.

Robert Taylor is embracing his time in Hawaii and feels like his father is there with him. His Hollywood Week duet almost got him eliminated but now he feels like he's on the edge of something great. His performance of "Take Me To The Pilot" by Elton John was high energy and he really played to the crowd. Katy noted that he was doing a little too much again, but the audience responded well. As he goes to hear his fate from the judges, he's focusing on all the positive aspects of this process. Luke says Robert's had an interesting journey and says last night was a bit all over the place. He performs and he lets it flow through him but Robert's got to learn how to control it to be at his best. Unfortunately, this is the end of the Idol road this time. Luke tells him to keep chasing his dreams and thanks him for working so hard. Katy says to keep working but don't overwork it. Robert is very upset and doesn't stop for the post-elimination interview. Bobby is called in to find him and make sure he's ok. After some encouraging words and several hugs, Bobby tells Robert to contact him if he needs him.

Kimmy Gabriela had never been on an airplane before and now finds herself in Hawaii. Her father, Gambino, has been with her every step. He was a successful musician when he was younger so now he's kind of reliving that experience with her. She feels like if she doesn't make it, she'll be letting everyone down including herself. She got a bit intimidated during sound check because she isn't doing what she considers a flashy performamce. She does "You Don't Do It For Me Anymore" by Demi Lovato and, afterwards, says she may have lived up to her own standards but maybe not the judges. She's very nervous before going to the judges. Katy is mystified that, despite having one of the best voices in the competition, she hasn't really remembered her performances on stage. It's not enough to be a good singer, now it's time to figure out the whole package…which she'll be able to do as part of the Top 20.

Fourteen spots are filled, which means a lot of cuts have also happened. Shannon Gibbons hopes she is not part of that group. She's dealt with a lot of mental health issues growing up but music has always helped with her depression. She sung "Send My Love (To Your New Lover) by Adele for her final performance. She felt like it was her highlight moment, she gave it her all. When finally in front of the judges, Katy says they have mixed emotions because they've grown attached to everyone and have to deliver both bad and good news. Katy tells her they see her potential but, unfortunately, it's the end of her Idol journey. She sees that Shannon can be a star but she needs to develop herself further as an artist because the unique texture of her voice isn't enough on its own. They all believe in her though and wish her luck.

All the teenage contests have been bonding, the girls in particular as we see they've gotten matching rings together. They also delivered very strong performances. Cyniah Elise did a groovy version of "Lady Marmalade" by Patti Labelle and strutted around the stage, playing to the responsive crowd.

Makyala Phillips chose "Sorry Not Sorry" by Demi Lovato in glittery gold jumpsuit and got the crowd involved.

Lauren Spencer-Smith sang "Respect" by Aretha Franklin and put a lot of sass into it, using her ponytail to great effect.

Cyniah, Makayla, and Lauren all made it to the Top 20. Will Olivia Ximines join them? She has been enjoying being in Hawaii and loves making new friends, but now is the time for her competitive side to come out. She picked "Proud Mary" by Tina Turner and choreographed it herself. She believes she has a lot to prove and hopes the judges see how hard she worked on this performance. She took the stage with a coat over her outfit and both Lionel and Luke believed they were in for a show. They are correct as she throws her coat off once the song kicks into high gear, revealing a dress with lots of fringe that matches her choreography well. The next day, Olivia is feeling a lot of nerves on the way to see the judges. They ask how her friends are reacting but she's been keeping the whole process a secret from everyone other than her dance team, and even they only know so much. Lionel says her performance gave them a reminder that she can not only sing, she can move. He tells her she needs to call her high school and let them know what's happening since she's going to the Top 20.

Arthur Gunn is still trying to grasp everything that's happened so far. It's been surreal and exciting. Lionel tells him he's probably one of their most unique contestants. He sung "Is This Love" by Bob Marley & the Wailers for his final performance, which ties into Lionel saying how much Arthur reminded him of Bob after his Hollywood Week Solo. Katy reminds Arthur that he still tends to close his eyes when her performs, but when he does open them and connect it's magical. Lionel says that he is pure light and here to anoint the world with his gift. He is in the Top 20.

Demi Rae's nerves are compounding as she waits and sees great singers get sent home. She had self-confidence issues starting out and was very close to giving up her dream, but Katy's words of encouragement when she first auditioned really bolstered her. She picked "Lonely" by Noah Cyrus and felt like it was the best performance of her life. She gave it her all and hopes it was enough. She wants to sing and wants people to love it and to sing along with her. Demi tells the judges the process has been very challenging and Katy acknowledges that nothing great comes easy. They're proud of her for fighting this battle and this is the start of a new chapter, and nothing can take that away. Except they can take away the Idol part of that journey as she has been cut. While disappointed, Demi says her no is someone else's yes and she's ok with that because it's not her time yet.

Everyone else has received their results leaving Grace Leer and Lauren Mascitti as the last two contestants in the waiting room. They've bonded in their time here and are called in to see the judges at the same time. While they are both Country artists who are going for a more "classic" vibe, they're paths and backgrounds are very different.

Grace had appeared on American Juniors way back when and her dad and family were there, as they are now. She chose "You Make Me Feel (Like A Natural Woman)" by Aretha Franklin for her final performance.

Lauren, whose grandmother has been supporting her music since she was a child and been with her in Hollywood and now Hawaii, picked "Two More Bottles Of Wine" by Emmylou Harris for her last solo.

As they talk to the judges, their families stand together. Grace's dad thinks they're both going through and Lauren's grandmother believes they both deserve to. Meanwhile, Luke tells them they both did excellent jobs and there's only one spot left. The problem is, since they both did so well, the judges are having a hard time deciding.

When Lauren and Grace come back to see their families, they're both a bit in shock. In an unprecedented move, America will watch their final performances and vote to see who gets the last spot! For the first time ever, there is a Top 21.

So, this is now in your hands! Who will take the last spot? Visit the voting page to vote for Grace or Lauren right now! Voting is open until 9am ET|6am PT on Tuesday April 7.

Tune in SUNDAY at 8|7c on ABC for a more in-depth look at the Top 21 and to find out whether Lauren or Grace earned enough votes to make the Top 20!

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