Bachelor in Paradise Premiere Recap: Ashley I. Brings Her Sister

Bachelor in Paradise Premiere Recap: Ashley I. Brings Her Sister

Welcome back, everyone! Season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise is in full swing! With last night's season premiere already come and gone, and just two hours under our belts, we've already seen a pretty unbelievable amount of tears and drama. Seriously. Usually the first night or two is where people are just getting to know each other and having a lot of fun, but some folks already cranked the waterworks up to 11. Here's a breakdown of the episode.

Making Introductions: The Mystery Woman Arrives

After a few segments where we see some of the contestants prepping for the show, they start arriving, and a few microseconds after that, they start sizing each other up. It's clear early on that Jade Roper and Jared Haibon will have a lot of people vying for their attention. Mikey Tenerelli introduces himself as an "alpha male," which turns off a few ladies off the bat. But certainly the most memorable arrival was Ashley Iaconetti -- because she brought her sister Lauren with her, and they'll both be staying in Paradise:  

Ashley says that Lauren is "the slut version" of her, and pretty much immediately started fretting that more guys will be attracted to Lauren. Kinda late for that now, Ashley.

The Sister Twist

But there's hope for Ashley, and it's written into the rulebook. As Chris Harrison explains how the show will work, he explains that the sisters will be treated a little bit differently from the other women:

So basically, if you pick one Iaconetti, you get both, no matter what. Ashley was thrilled, as her sister could "slut it up" while she coasts through Paradise. But a few of the other ladies found it a little unfair.

Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul Get Married

Remember Marcus and Lacy from last season? They paired up relatively quickly and stayed that way the entire time. And a year later, they returned to Paradise to tie the knot:

Cute. Best of luck to the newlyweds!

The Date Cards Arrive -- And So Does the Drama

Lauren is crying on Night One. No one's really sure why, so Ashley goes over to comfort her, which quickly devolves into trash-talking the other contestants:

Ashley gets the first date card, which she's thrilled about. She asks Jared and the two of them spend the day in a dune buggy cruising the coast. As soon as they return, Jade's ready to use her date card, and Ashley is worried that she'll ask Jared and immediately take her down off her post-date high. But Jade asks Tanner instead, and the two share some instant chemistry.

"Hurricane Clare" Hits Paradise

Things didn't work out for Clare Crawley on The Bachelor with Juan Pablo Galavis. Nor did they work out for her last year on Bachelor in Paradise, either. But she's not going to give up on love:

Plenty of drama still to come on Night 2...

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